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I have an offer for 220 for this configuration. No software included,
just the hardware. Should I sell or ask for more

Pentium 4 1.7 GHz with 256 MB DDR SDRAM
180 GB Hard disk ( 60 + 120(less than 1 year old))
32 MB Geforce graphics card
Sony CD/RW

1.44" Floppy drive
17" flatscreen CRT Envision monitor(less 1 year old)
Intel motherboard (845 GBVL) and integrated NIC

Re: computer resale value

On 18 Jul 2005 15:18:25 -0700, wrote:

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It a hypothetically perfect world, it might be worth a
little more on "average".  In the real world the technology
value and effort to continue trying to sell it aren't worth
the (potential) higher price.  You should take the offer,
IMO, unless having a (second?) system is worth $220 to you
then keep it.

Re: computer resale value

Makes sense. Thanks a lot for ur reply Kony.  I dont think I need a
second system. I just want to sell it now so that I can get something
for it, in a couple of years it will probably be junk.

Re: computer resale value wrote:

"  I have an offer for 220 for this configuration.  "

Yen?  Bhat?  Lira?

Re: computer resale value

sorry about that . 220 USD

Re: computer resale value

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I'm sure it's worth a bit more...
but in the real world...that may be about all you'll get for it.
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