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Several days ago my computer started locking up. I found that the C:
drive free space had dropped from about 3 G to about 5oo M. I
installed W2k on a different HD. It worked ok for a while but soon
started locking up again. As it was getting worse I did a repair and
again it worked ok for a while but again started locking up I
eventually repaired several times and reinstalled a few more times and
it was getting progressively worse, even after formatting the disk.
When it got to the stage where it locked up while I was rpairing or
installing W2k I again installed on the original C: drive.

This seemed to solve the problem but after a while the same gradual
decline started, locking up more and more frequently. I had switched
the HDs around in the case so I could connect them with the C: as
primary master etc. It is now running with the primary slave D:
holding W2k.

I ran memtest and there were no errors. The IBM diagnostic floppy siad
both HDs had no problems.

Any suggestions?


Re: Computer locks up

What are you doing with the computer?

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Re: Computer locks up

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 23:31:46 GMT, MikeM

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In windows, run Prime95's Torture Test (large in-place
FFTs).  If that produces errors, again you need rectify them
before reinstalling windows.

Take temp and voltage readings preferribly voltage with a
multimeter.  If either are out of bounds, focus on steps to
rectify them.

Examine system internally for loose cables, cards, failing
capacitors, etc.

Try underclocking the system to see if that makes any
stability difference.  For example, try setting the FSB and
memory bus both at 100MHz in bios (or via jumpers, whatever
applies) and manuall setting memory timings to a
conservative value like 2.5,3,3,7.  Of course, after having
changed the memory settings it would be good to check it
with memtest86+ again before proceeding.  The purpose of the
memory timings change is that if you were to only reduce
memory bus speed, many (most?) boards using Auto/SPD setting
for memory would automatically lower the timings as a
result, making it possible to introduce instabilty even if
there wasn't any previously in this subsystem.

Re: Computer locks up

MikeM writes:

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What's the temperature of the machine?  Are all fans running?
Overheating can cause the machine to freeze.  This is especially
likely if it locks up only after it has warmed up for a while, or only
during games or other processor-intensive activities.

You've eliminated the hard drives as possibilities, and you've
probably eliminated spyware as well (by reinstalling).  Spyware is
still a possibility if your system is connected to the Net without
firewalls, or if you've surfed the Web without taking the proper
precautions.  Gradual spyware infections can slow the machine to a
halt and cause various system problems.

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Re: Computer locks up

MikeM wrote:

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when you install do you keep on getting the same problem as above
and after you install are you putting your files back into my docs
and putting the same programs back on if so.

Run your pc without the programs you use and see what happens

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