computer beeps twice at random times

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Recently, my computer started beeping at me at apparently random
times, two beeps about 7 seconds apart.  Sometimes it's a long time
(15 minutes or even 30 minutes) between pairs of beeps, sometimes
there might be a pair of beeps within a minute of another pair.

It's not during the boot process but rather when the computer is

It happens whether or not I'm actually at the computer doing

There do not seem to be any other effects...the computer doesn't crash
or otherwise act strangely.

I don't see anything in a Windows error log and I'm just at a loss as
to what to do...

motherboard is an Abit IP35 Pro

The rest is the usual assemblage of stuff for a computer put together
at home, appropriate to that motherboard.

Any thoughts on how to eliminate this annoying beep (while still
having a working computer, that is) would be much appreciated!

While I wrote this, I got two pairs of beeps over about 3 minutes...

Re: computer beeps twice at random times

On Wed, 13 May 2009 20:54:18 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

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Check software running in the background to see if anything
is running which might generate an alarm signal.  If
hardware monitoring application(s) are running, and in the
bios, check there for what your fan speeds, CPU
temperatures, voltages are.

Have you installed any new software just prior to the onset
of the beeping?  Has the ambient environment or the workload
on the system increased to account for higher temperatures,
or perhaps it has gone undetected because of malware
(Windows' Task Manager would show a higher CPU % than
normal, typically an idle semi-modern system would be at
under 3% average CPU utilization, though newer OS like Vista
with Aero and other effects could raise that % a little).

I happen to have an IP35-E (non-Pro) which is quite similar,
based system open in front of me at the moment and I
manually stopped both fans and did not hear a beep from
doing so, but it is in the middle of testing so I cannot
check whether there is a bios setting that would disable
that, and there is no hardware monitoring software running
in the background.  It does appear that both fans I stopped
do have RPM signal (3rd wire on fan header connector)

If all else fails, mute the sound in the OS audio mixer
application to see if that prevents the beeping.  If so it
is a sign it's software generated, but come to think of it
you have not mentioned whether the beep comes from a
motherboard onboard beeper/buzzer or whether it comes
through the audio output to the L/R channel speakers.

I should revise my last statement, upon looking at a picture
of IP35 Pro it does not appear to have a buzzer on the
board, so the question is whether the beep comes from a case
speaker plugged into the board speaker pin header or from
the external audio output connected main L/R speakers?

Another thing to try is selectively killing unnecessary
background processes in task manager to see if that stops
the periodic beeping... by process of elimination disabling
half of the unneed group one try, then the other half after
a reboot, and so on, dividing into groups of twos you could
isolate which application is causing it IF it is an

Re: computer beeps twice at random times

Thanks for the advice.  I've killed a bunch of processes and changed
the Services settings so they won't start automatically. (Things I'm
quite certain I don't need running.)  We'll see if that makes a
difference.  If not, I'll move on to some of your other suggestions.

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