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I have a friend that has a new HP laptop.  I don't have the model number
handy but don't think it matters for the question I/he have/has.  The
laptop is running XP - assume "Home" version.

The laptop does not have a traditional serial port, having USB ports
instead.  He (actually, his wife) intended to use the laptop to connect
to her sewing machines to which files can be transferred to be stitched.
The sewing machine only has the old-style/traditional D-connector type
serial port (i.e., no USB ports).

He bought a USB-COM adapter thinking this would solve the connection
problem.  However, the USB-COM adapter assigns its available serial
ports to Com 5, 6, & 7 while the software running on the laptop that
communicates with the sewing machine only supports Com ports 1-4.  He
says the laptop system reports com 1-4 "assigned for internal use" and
does not make them available for use by the USB-COM adapter.

I suggested to him that he might be able to change BIOS settings to get
around this "internal use" COM 1-4 thing but am not at all sure that
will work, either.

Has anyone run into this problem or anything similar?  Does anyone know
a way around this?


Re: Com Port Question

of green cheek conures squawk out:

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You should be able to change the port assignment in device manager.
There won't be anything for it in the BIOS.


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