CMOS / GPNV Checksum Bad

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I got a computer for my son, a new emachine.  It worked fine.  Then I
pulled out the memory and HD to use.  When I put it back in, I got a
CMOS/ GPNV Checksum Bad error.

When it boots I get the error, then I hit F4 like it says, go into
Bios and then F10.  When it starts to boot I either get a Black Screen
and the fan goes from hi to lo, or if I reset the Bios by removing the
battery, I get a constant beeping sound.

I have no clue on this.  I looked up the error and it basically said
to reset the CMOS or go into bios and reset it (Which I did.)


Re: CMOS / GPNV Checksum Bad

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What mobo is this?  Without knowing that it's only possible to speak in
general terms.  The textbook answer to this is a dead CMOS battery, but
since you state this is a new machine that's unlikely (nevertheless, I'd
test the battery voltage - some mobo failures do eat CMOS batteries).

You state this happened after you pulled out the HDD and memory. I
suspect it is unlikely to be the HDD but the memory is a possible cause
- memory problems can manifest themselves in myriad unexpected ways.
Did you put the same memory back in afterwards?  In the same socket?
(some boards can be fussy about such things)  I'd play around with
relocating the RAM and see if that works, always assuming you haven't
damaged it (e.g. with static) pulling it out and refitting it.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: CMOS / GPNV Checksum Bad

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Leave the battery in...
then bootup and let the bios re-detect your HD and amount of RAM

save and exit

and that's all you need to do

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Re: CMOS / GPNV Checksum Bad


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Ususally you have to remove the battery AND cross a pair of jumpers.
Check you're manual for where they are - often near the Real Time

Re: CMOS / GPNV Checksum Bad

Eric Kent wrote:
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Set the bios to default and see if that works.

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