Choppy DVD playback, help needed please

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This occurs only on my PC, not on stand-alone DVD player
connected to TV. PC is beefy enough : XP home SP2 running on
2.5GHz P4, 1Gb memory, fast unfragmented SATA disks, HP home
SP2, Geoforce 6600GT card…I had Matrox 450 before and the
problem was the same. The problem is the same on both  DVi
connectors and on both monitors.

This problem occurs on my own DVDs  (created from my own DV
footage)  and on DVDs downloaded as DVD5 or DVD9 from web. Both
Pal and NTSC.

It makes no difference if the DVD is played from the DVD player
inside PC (Pioneer 108) or as files played from disk. The
chopping points are random, every second or two, and never at
the same frames indicating a throughput or bottleneck problem.
Sound doesn’t stutter.  The choppiness looks like a brief pause
in video playback, a fraction of a sec, and a picture than
jumps a couple of frames to catch on.  There are no artefacts.  
It is most visible when camera pans, horizontally or

I have similar effect in PowerDVD ver 4 and 6, in MS Media
Player ver 10 and Zoomplayer 4.03 professional but it is
difficult to say if any of those is slightly better in that
respect. The CPU load is modest,  20-30 % for PowerDVD, 15 to
20 % for MsMP10 and 6 to 12 % for Zoomplayer on top of regular
20% of other stuff. Memory consumption is small, the graph
hardly moves, 50Mb for Powerdvd, 40Mb for MsMP10 and 45 for
Zoomplayer. All this is regardless of the screen size. The
problem stays the same if I increase the CPU priority to High
(13) for those programs.

I don’t have AV utilities running in the background  stealing
CPU or memory, and some notorious services are disabled.
Programs are not allowed to use their automatic web updaters. I
regularly scan for Trojans and spy software and rarely find

I don’t know what I can do to improve this situation, your
ideas and questions are welcomed.

I goggled extensively and found a lot of questions but hardly
any answers.


Re: Choppy DVD playback, help needed please

Is DMA enabled for the DVD player (or has it, for some reason, defaulted to
PIO mode)? Check in Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>IDE
ATA/ATAPI Controllers>(Specific Controller). Locate the optical device on
Primary or Secondary Channel and check "Current Transfer Mode"...should be


Re: Choppy DVD playback, help needed please

On 25 Jan 2006 01:28:59 GMT, nononono

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I'd check on what MPEG2 decoder your system has and look
into finding an alternate decoder, trying that with whatever
player is necessary to support it.  Sorry no further details
on this, my memory on it is vague and it might just lead you
the wrong direction to do more than cover the basic concept.

Re: Choppy DVD playback, help needed please

Thanks to all, DMA is enabled.
In the meantime I found interesting explanation of the causes
of such problems inside this zip here:

I will try this program next. Might report the result.

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