Celeron Compatability Problem

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Are the Celeron 478B and 478D processors interchangeable? I am
assembling a small form factor system whose motherboard has a 478B
socket. The local shops are giving conflicting advice on
comparability. One shop says that the 478D is the P4 Prescott
architecture and the 478B is not. Another shop says neither the B or
the D is Prescott and they are interchangeable. Who is correct?
A genuine socket 478B is impossible to find around here.



Re: Celeron Compatability Problem

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All wrong if they are socket 478 then they take a 478 pin P4 regardless, the
chipset on the motherboard and the bios are what determine which CPU will
work, some boards are 533/400MHz others are 800/533/400MHz. you need to
visit the motherboard manufacturers web site to see a list of supported
processors. All socket 478 boards and chips are now being phased out for
LGA775 which use the i925 and i915 based chipsets at the moment.
so If you tell us the make and model of your motherboard we can tell you if
the CPU you have will work or not but the Celeron D has a 533 MHz FSB and
boards that support this chip are able to run all the older chips in the
same 478 package. A Prescott core Celeron is only available in LGA 775.

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