CD rom has stroke and now in trauma

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 Since I began building pc's at home for a short 6 years I have recurring
problems that I never quite got an answer for....
 I am on my eighth complete, and many many changes along the way with each
and every one of them.from 90mhz laptop to p4 and amd monsters.
changing cdrom locations has never worked for me first shot.
Now before an assumption that cs/ma/sl isnt set right...relax, its correct.
I refuse to believe its "broken" and let it sit there until I get what i
want. New system, old system, doesnt matter.
clear cmos, etc.
Is there a quick way to "kick it in the ass" or would that involve kicking
some engineers in the ass.....?
 Motherboard, new box or new psu
 It dont like that!
 I guess the explanation about the filters hanging on micronically to where
they came from made the most sense.
 plugging monitor into another setup kills boot entirely
 I'm not sure of cause, I blame my monitor. Again I have stubbornly waited a
week to get a post and boot etc.
 It is the only remnat of a ridiculous 2100 dollar Compaq 5600i and i'm not
quite done gritting my teeth at the 1month of function I got out of it.
 Smaller psu needs a  long wait to get the system goung again (filters
capacitors again)?

Problem #1 is most current, forcing it in bios on my one month old setup
still isnt getting it posted. Lights are on and rom accessible, but nobody's
home...Too new to keep patient, any ideas?

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