CD head cleaners

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Do they work?
I bought one recently, it's basically a CD with two little brushes on it, onto
which you put a drop of fluid which then gets flung all over the inside of the
drive when you insert the disc.

These brushes are about 1cm from the edge of the disc. Now, I may be wrong but
doesn't a CD start in the middle? In which case it won't pass under these

It was actually for my car CD player. For the computer I usually open up the
unit and use a cotton bud.
Chris Pollard

CG Internet café, Tagum City, Philippines

Re: CD head cleaners

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 15:45:25 +0800, Christopher Pollard

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Since you've taken apart a CD player before, you know that the head
assembly is mounted on a rail system.  It moves along these rails as
the CD is played and tracks are changed.

At the start of the CD, there's an audio track.  The one I have has
some really annoying muzak and a woman with a really bad accent
telling you what to do.  It players through a few tracks of muzak and
instructions until the head is maneuvered up to the brushes, at which
point, the head will be under the brushes.

As to whether they work or are worth buying, that's a matter of
debate.  Most CD/DVD player cleaning systems aren't useful until the
drive head is extremely dirty, so you'll get little effect from
regular cleaning, and due to the design of the systems themselves.
Further, as there's a risk of scratching up the lens on each use, it's
probably a good idea to keep the cleaning kit in reserve until you
actually need it.


Re: CD head cleaners

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Ah, ok. I was expecting it to be like tha floppy drive cleaners.

Seems a bit odd though, relying on being able to read the disc before being able
to clean the head. What if it's so dirty it can't read the disc in the first
place? Will it hunt to the edge of the disc?

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Well the player used to be able to read home made CDs, now it can't. It can only
read original ones. I'm guessing the head is dirty.

Chris Pollard

CG Internet café, Tagum City, Philippines

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