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Re: CD drive not appearing in Win98

Yes David, you're probably right about that.  I guess the best thing to do
is just start over with a re-install of Windows (maybe I should bite the
bullet and go to XP!)  Thanks for the suggestion.

Re: CD drive not appearing in Win98

Shoogle wrote:

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Well, you could do a partial check by looking at your system devices in
device manager to see if they look like the right ones for the chipset and,
if not, remove those and let it redected them.

I've had a couple that took going into safe mode and removing virtually all
the devices so they'd get redetected but, even then, it looked like it
might not even work because it had a heck of a time discovering the right
PnP enumerator and, without that, it couldn't find things like the IDE
controller, which meant it operated on the dumb default one that doesn't
know about the second port, which meant no CD to install the right drivers
from... aaaaarg.

The lesson there was to copy the CD's win98 directory to the hard drive so
it can install from there.

What I'd do is copy the win98 directory over and invoke an 'upgrade' from
there. Similar to doing a repair reinstall of XP it'll redetect the devices
during the 'upgrade'. You'll then need to redo Windows updates.

Re: CD drive not appearing in Win98

Well, I did try all the good suggestions (I think, all at least). Dev. Mgr.
Config.sys, etc. and thought 'why am I doing all this?'  For the fun of it
I guess! Finally decided to do the logical thing and just re-install Win98
from scratch. Of course DOS saw the CD with it's simple driver etc. So...I
just reformatted the drive and started over.
It was an interesting experience tho' Thanks, all, for your suggestions.
Ta Ta   KJ

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