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I have one OLD CCD  camera JVC TK-850E for microscope.
 On the rear there are two connectors:
2) AUTOIRIS with three holes 1 GND 2 VIDEO 3 DC IN
The DC is 14.5V 9.3W
How I make the dc connection and use the video camera with my pc ?   tha

Re: CCD video camera DC

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With a power supply and a video capture card.


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Re: CCD video camera DC

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I don't know anything about these cameras but it appears to me that
the BNC connector carries both power and signal. If so, then you will
need to connect a high frequency choke in series with the supply, as

 +14.5VDC   o--- choke --+------o BNC DC IN / Video Out
                   ||    |
 video out  o--<---||----|

The choke looks like a high impedance to video signals but acts as a
short circuit for DC. You may need a capacitor in the video circuit to
isolate the DC. This is the kind of arrangement you find in the power
supplies for masthead amplifiers.

The AutoIris connector is an unknown for me. I would have thought that
there would be an external control pin so that the iris could be
automatically adjusted to maintain a certain light level. Perhaps
that's what DC IN (pin 3) refers to??? Maybe the video pin (2) is used
by the external device for sensing the light level???

- Franc Zabkar
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