Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

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I have recently reformatted my computer because it was getting full of
crap, however since i reformatted, sometime autoplay doesn't work,
dont know how to solve this, Any ideas?

But my main problem is that i cant get programs to install, and when
they do, to work properly.

The main ones with this problem are:

World of Warcraft: it gets stuck when installing Terrain.MPQ even when
copying files to the desktop to install the file still wont install.
This problem arrose because i had a problem with the patch update for
a map file Azerous_29_29 or something like that.

Microsoft Office 2000 Premium, Access: I already have installed
Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teachers Edition, however i need
Access for my Computing course and so i have to use the 2000 version
cuz cant afford 2003, lol.
However this also gets stuck on installing.

Live Update for Norton Internet Security 2005 and Norton Systemworks:
This doesnt work, whether i install it from the CD or from a download
of the program from their website, wether i try doing automatic
update, or download it and do it myself it still doesnt work.

I would just like to point out now that i have been to all these
companies websites read their surgestions and implemented them, these
obviously havent solved the problem, so i wrote specific e-mails to
all of them, still not much help and the help that i got didnt work,
Yay customer support, kinda shows why so many forums to help people.

I would be grateful of any surgestions of possible solutions as i
can't get much help else where.

Thanks Spiceymeat.  :cry:

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 22:32:03 +0000,
(Spiceymeat) wrote:

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Do you get any error messages?

-- Bob

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

Not for World of Warcraft, but on Access 2000 it says i do not have
access to a file on the CD, even though im admin. World of Warcraft
doesn't tell me anything just gets stuck.

Also with Norton Liveupdate it tells me that they cannot be updated
after its downloaded the virus definition updates, its these virus
updates that caused the problems, which made me think it was a virus,
however on running Ad-aware 6.0 SE, Grisoft Anti-Virus and Spybot -
Search & Destroy, didnt use Norton as it wouldn't search with the
virus definitions not up to date ( Norton was uninstalled before
installing Grisoft) i didnt pick up any viruses

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

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Have you looked at the Event Viewer (Control Panel -> Administration
Tools -> Event Viewer).  Check the system events, I had a similar problem
caused by a bad drive and I only found out by looking there.

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

If you are refering to the CD-Drive, then that is not a problem as
both of mine are working fine, for example i have copied the 4 CD's
for World of Warcraft onto desktop to install from there but if still
wont install.

Although on that Event Viewer i do have a lot of errors from the cdrom
along with Win32Time, dont know how to sort these out

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 22:32:03 +0000, (Spiceymeat) wrote:

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Were you logged in as administrator?
Did you disable antivirus and close background apps,
including such things as mouse drivers and tray apps?
Essentially, closing everything that task manager lets you

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What exactly is "stuck"?
Do all attemps with different software result in exact same
type of "stuck"?
We can't see what's going on, your description of
_everything_ is all we have to go on.

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Look at the installation files, preferribly not for a
mammoth program like office, but the smaller/smallest things
that won't install.  Note commonalities, for example is it
using Installshield or Windows' installer (*.msi files)?

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Uninstall systemworks, because it doesn't (make or help a
system work).  Uninstall anything else that's loading
drivers that run in the background and/or at the very least,
disable these services temporarily.

I've not mentioned yet, make a full backup prior to changing
anything, so you can revert to it if someone goes wrong.

Check the installer logs to see if they pinpoint where or
why an install stopped.  If you don't know where the logs
are, right after an install fails, do a file search for
newly modified or created files.

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The failure to install is always with same symptoms?
What symptoms?
It could be that the only important info is what you're not
telling us.  It doesn't matter necessarily what you're
trying to install, only what it does, VERY SPECIFICALLY when
it doesn't install.

Before digging too deep into this it might not hurt to run
memtest86 for a few hours.

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We still don't know exactly what's happening, but try to
find the commonality between the things that won't install,
contrasted with things that will.  I don't mean type of
application, rather focusing on the installation method
which is distinct and doesn't necessarily have anything to
do with what software it is that is being installed.

When all else fails, try reinstalling windows (be sure to
check memory with memtest86 first if that becomes necessary.
If it seems related to hard drive errors, run the HDD
manufacturer's utilities.  Check fans and temps and
voltages, etc, too.

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

Ive ran Memtest86 for a few hours and i got no problems, the idea of
reformating / reinstalling i have already done and still the programs
refuse to be installed. I have ran out of ideas, im just getting
repetative e-mails from the companies so no help in any direction.
Thanks Mark

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

On Mon, 09 May 2005 03:47:00 +0000, (Spiceymeat) wrote:

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You might try running Prime95's Torture test for at least a
few hours... seeing if there are any errors.

Did you look into whether there are any commonalities in the
installation front-end, the software doing that (for
example, was it Microsoft's Installer or Installshield or
???) ?

Previously you wrote "i do have a lot of errors from the
cdrom along with Win32Time, dont know how to sort these out"

I'd try another CDROM drive, or again try copying entire CD
contents to a folder and installing from there.  Win32Time
is most likely unrelated.  If you haven't checked the common
things like temps and voltages, do that too.

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

Hi, in reply to your post, i will try Prime95, and edit this post when
i have done this.

Also there is no problem with the CD-drive, i have already tried
copying the files to my computer and installing them from there,
however this still didnt work, i said i had a lot of errors because
there were many in the list, not that they noticably caused a

I have aprobe running permanently to tell me when the system gets too
hot or the fans rpm get too slow, to date i have not experienced a
problem for either of these cases.

I considered the Installer, however they all use different installers,
although they may all be based on the same framework. For example
World of Warcraft has its own miniature installer unlike the others
in many other programs.

Still im clueless, however not being able to install World of Warcraft
may be useful for the time being, as it means im getting more work
done :D

Although i would like it at some point

Thanks, Mark

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S


I'm new to the site, most likely will be checking out more of it
later, however this caught my attention, mostly because I'm
experiencing the exact symptom you describe.

The World of Warcraft installer seems to just stop actually installing
anything from disc 1 shortly after hitting terrain.MPQ .  This is
repeated attempts from 2 different CD-rom drives, to two different
hard drives.  Under most circumstances it makes about 100 MB of the
terrain file, then continues to display it as "installing", however
instead first the cd-rom drive shuts down (no access light) and
shortly thereafter the hard drive also ceases major access.  Tracking
memory usage over about an hour + of simply leaving the installer
alone, mem usage went from 80 MB to about 7 MB.  CPU usage, according
to Task Manager, continues to hover at 97-99% for the program.

I once or twice actually made it to disc 2, only to encounter it
failing upon installing terrain.mpq from THAT disc.

I copied all four cds to one hard drive and ran the install to the
other hard drive, and it experienced the same problem.

I've also considered that I had a faulty set of install discs, but a
quick exchange at Best Buy left me with the same problem yet again.

I haven't yet tried Prime95 as suggested, and can't speak to the other
installation problems mentioned, but you're not the only one
frustrated by WoW at the moment.

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

On 22 May 2005 19:32:44 -0400, (Damien Lucien)

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Surely if this is a WoW problem there is a patch at
developer's website.  Beyond that, you might consider
checking the game's installed files/directory and copying
any files from the CD to that folder as appropriate, then
seeing if it will run.  Many games will, providing you do
still keep the original CD in the drive... can't speak for
WoW specifically as I don't have it.

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

Hi guys, thanks for all the help, however i have found a temporary

Damien Lucien if you can find a friend who has WoW or a second
computer with it running get them LAN'd up and copy the 4Gb game
over, this will take a while i know.
Before you do it duplicate the game on the Computer with it working on
as this will ensure a cock up doesnt ruin it for him/her as well.

I did it today and hey presto it works and i can now enjoy WoW once
again, don't know the actual reason why it didnt work any other way,
may just be it wasn't fully installed/uninstalled.

Thanks for all the help guys nad i hope this has helped those of you
that have had the same problems

Thanks Mark.

Re: Cant Install Most Programs on XP HELP :S

I'm posting here just so that anyone who finds this thread and is
still looking for help knows everything I know, however much that
helps them.

Apparently, this is actually a very big problem experienced by what
one person described as "generations of players" concerning WoW.  The
problem, after much searching, a RAM swap, and every conceivable
solution listed places, lies with the installation program.  Whether
it be the ultra compression used for the files or whatever, 33+ forum
pages on blizzard's tech support site of people with similar problems
indicates something.  It's just finicky, and doesn't respond well to
certain hardware.

Things I've tried (yes, somethings on the list are stupid but people
said it worked for them and I'm getting rather annoyed/desperate):
1.) Two different cd-rom drives
2.) Two different hard drives
3.) Different RAM modules
4.) Running in safe mode
5.) Clearing RAM while installing using a RAM cleaner
6.) Installing from the hard drive
7.) Increasing ventillation so as to remove the question of
8.) Letting it try and work itself out (2+ hours of 100% CPU usage and
no movement on the install or memory usage indicates a problem to me)
9.) Clearing the temp files the installer leaves behind every time it
10.) Exchanging my copy for a different copy
11.) Multiple combinations of the above

Unfortunately, while I'd like to simply copy files from the CD,
they're packed in giant MPQ files, and the installer reconstructs
everything, with each file actually broken up into multiple CD's.  So
the direct brute force method of copying individual files is out of
the question.  My last resort is actually what Spicymeat suggested -
let it install on another computer then copy the files over.  From
what I can tell, I'll copy it over twice.  Apparently a number of
people have had issues with patches failing and destroying their
installs, and I certainly don't feel like going through this again.

I'll post again if I get it to install elsewhere - the copy method has
worked for a fair number of people, it's just a lot more complicated
for me.  Thanks for the suggestions!

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