Can't install XP on new SATA drive

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I have an Intel D845PEBT2 motherboard with an IDE hard drive and Win 2000.

I added a new Seagate SATA.
Used Disk Manager in Administrative Tools to format.
It is now H drive (NTFS).
OK now I try and load XP to it and during the install, on the blue
screen, it shows my existing "C" drive but the H drive is G and it will
not let me install on it. It shows it there as far as size goes.

In BIOS the only SATA settings are  RAID and boot. I have tried these
setting both enabled and disabled to no avail.

I can move files on and off this drive while operating in Win2000 but I
can't install XP on it.

Any ideas?

Re: Can't install XP on new SATA drive

I have an D865PERL and to load XP on it I had to stop at the point of
installation where it asks for the SATA drivers and load them using
the CD that came with the motherboard. You can use this method or
"slipstream" your XP and SATA drivers. Google slipstream for many
sites with info for that method.

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Re: Can't install XP on new SATA drive says...
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Re: Can't install XP on new SATA drive

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At the beginning of the install
when prompted to install additional drivers

hit F6

then feed it a floppy with your SATA drivers on it

Re: Can't install XP on new SATA drive

philo wrote:
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Reading the manual, it has a SIL3112 on board. I would
try the non-RAID setting, enable boot (because you'd need
that to boot from the drive later).

(D845PEBT2 manual)

Judging by the small size of this download, this might be
a set of drivers suitable for a floppy and pressing F6. *%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng

The actual downloaded file is -

Double click, it unzips files to C:\Program Files\SIL3112 Serial ATA

Copy the files to a floppy diskette that is already formatted. The
file list is -

08/26/2002  11:57a              15,739 readme.txt
10/02/2002  06:45a               5,315 SI3112.inf
10/02/2002  07:01a              47,096 Si3112.mpd
10/02/2002  07:01a              47,096 Si3112.sys
10/10/2002  01:38p               5,023 Si3112r.inf
10/10/2002  01:31p              84,529 Si3112r.mpd
10/10/2002  01:31p              84,529 Si3112r.sys
03/26/2002  01:16p              20,560 SiiSupp.vxd
09/19/2002  03:09p              94,208 SilSupp.cpl
10/11/2002  02:45p               2,758 TxtSetup.oem

Then press F6 during the install, and offer the driver
to the WinXP installer.

A similar set of drivers is available from Silicon Image.
The Base driver would be used to make a floppy for a non-RAID
situation. You know the drivers are for a floppy, when you
see TXTSETUP.OEM in the unzipped file list. The TXTSETUP
is how the Windows installer knows what you're offering. &

My own personal preference, is to not use any boot loaders to
select OSes. I like to select the OS via the boot order controls
in the BIOS. To aid that, I always disconnect all hard drives,
except the one I'm installing to, so that there is absolutely
no way files can accidentally end up on the wrong drive. That
way, I can even unplug drives later, and substitute other drives,
to get a particular mix of OS choices at any one time. I have a
FreeBSD drive, a Linux drive, several Win2K and so on. And no
boot loader to select them at runtime, just the BIOS.


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