Can't Bootup with Two RAIDs

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have a system with an oboard RAID which right now only has a Raptor with
system partition set on it.
I configured this array to be my boot array.

I also have a PCI Raid card which i use for my two other Sata Seagate
drives. They are not raided either i just
use the card to connect them to the computer since i don't have enough sata
ports onboard.

with only the Raptor drive attached to the onboard Raid the system boots up
just fine, even if the PCI RAID
card is in. However when i attach any of the Seagate drives to the PCI card
the system doesn't boot.
I get a variety of messages such as "PCI Device is listening" "ESCD updated
successfully" or "Press any key to
reboot the system" but the bottom line is that system won't boot.

Also if i bootup the system and then hotconnect the drives to the PCI card
everything is working fine. The system
hangs for a while and then recognizes the drives. I don't know if it's a
conflict with IRQ's or something else that
i need to change in the BIOS. Should i disable the PCI ports which are empty
anyway except for the one with
the RAID card.

The motherboard is Asus P4P4
the PCI RAID card is Rosewill RC209

Thanks a bunch for all the advise.

Re: Can't Bootup with Two RAIDs

of course in BIOS I set the option to Boot
from Onboard RAID Array/SATA device/

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Re: Can't Bootup with Two RAIDs


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Are you sure it's a "P4P4"?
Maybe P4P8X?

You could try the card in other PCI slots- includingswapping
around (and/or temporarily removing) other cards in the
interim in attempts to get it working, but I doubt this is
the problem since trouble starts when the drives are

When you have two bootable RAID (or other) cards, they may
have conflicting resources that cannot easily be overcome.
You could try another bios for the motherboard (which I
would do anyway if you are using an early board bios
version) and card, in that order.

If the card has a socketed EEPROM chip, you might try
removing it... of course it can't then boot from connected
drives, but "may" work once windows/driver is loaded.

Otherwise, does the card have a jumper to change any modes?
I mean besides the jumpers that appear to exist to swap the
internal vs external ports being active.

Are there any hacked bios out there on the web?  It need not
be for this specific make/model of card, merely for same SiI
chipset might be sufficient (which from Newegg's pics,
appears to be a 3114 as seen here;)

As for where to find modded bios, I don't know, it's
something you could search for if all else fails.

Re: Can't Bootup with Two RAIDs

is the pc trying to boot off the pci card? sounds like it.  do you get the
same problem if you remove the raptor?

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