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Re: can SE440BX motherboard run 512MB DIMMs?

Timothy Daniels wrote:

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The Kingston part number KVR100X64C2/256 is listed for your
motherboard at  I see a few on eBay, and
in recent history, the parts have sold for $17 to $33.  This is PC100.
There is some PC-133 that will work, but there are at least two
types of PC-133 that will not work.  Most sellers on eBay have
no idea what exactly they are selling, and don't even list numbers
or have good pictures.

Are you absolutely sure you need 768MB?  XP runs pretty well with
512MB.  If you're running Win9x or ME, see here for important

Re: can SE440BX motherboard run 512MB DIMMs?

"Fishface" wrote:
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    I checked for prices of the Kingston part no. that
you (and Kingston) supplied, and it was interesting to see that the
prices are about the same as Crucial's PC133 modules in the
same capacity - between $52 and $56.  I notice that Kingston's are
CL-2, and Crucial's are available as CL-2 or CL-3.  Dell spec'd CL-3
in its user's manual, but I assume that either can be used.  (Am I right?)

    I'm not *sure* how much RAM I need, but since I sometimes run
both SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET at the same time, I assume
the apps could use some elbow room.  And when running JBuilder, I
usually have Edit Plus and a couple browsers running with a couple
windows open in each.  I've recently added a scanner and PhotoShop
Elements to do some image editing and OCR, so I figure the more
RAM the merrier, and I might as well max it out.


Re: can SE440BX motherboard run 512MB DIMMs?

On Tue, 16 Jan 2007 12:06:14 -0800, "Timothy Daniels"

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CL2 and 3 wil work in BX boards, but  $52 or more is quite
expensive for a 256MB PC100 module- there is no reason to
get PC133 unless you're trying to o'c this box which may add
to complications of trying to run 768MB.  HOWEVER, the more
modules you add (since you contemplate 3 of them), the more
you will have to depend on the bios being able to manually
slow down the timings, as there is a fair chance it won't be
stable at CL2 w/ 3 x 256MB modules, and Intel boards of the
era didn't typically allow manual memory timing changes.  At
one point Intel had even recommended registered memory for

IIRC, Dell and at least Gateway used CL2 in theirs (SE440BX
based systems I mean), but I don't think they even offered
768MB configuration though possibly through upgrade parts.

For example here's one for $34, it lists 440ZX which uses
same memory,

or by OEM searches you might find options like this,

or in various computer oriented forums (Anandtech's et al.)
you might pick up a module(s) like this for $20 or less.
Then there's ebay... higher risk but still likely you can
get 'em for less than $25 per.

The other more obvious option is the 'egg, though out of
stock for the moment.

440BX does not have particularly unique memory requirements,
typical PC100 memory from the larger manufacturers is
specifically meant for this use, years ago the chips were
able to run at 133MHz and the PC100 designation (for better
or worse, since they're using it incorrectly) now typically
means (with new modules), low density compatible with 'BX et
al. systems.  A shady dealer like you might find on might be selling higher density PC100 or even
mislabeling what they're selling, so it does also depend on
the trust you can place on the seller.

Since has a good guarantee, there is a high
trust there but given the premium price and how common
compatible memory for 440BX is, there really isn't any need
to pay that premium.

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