Can I use a ePCI card?

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I was looking at video cards at a used computer store.  My computer is
a 2000 model pentium 3.  It has a built in video card and I want a
faster card to cope with .FLV (flash) videos (such as those on

They had plenty of standard PCI cards but the guy told me that these
epci cards are faster.  When I asked him if I can use them, he said he
did not know.  

They appear to fit into a common PCI slot.  Can I use them?



Re: Can I use a ePCI card? wrote:
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PCI Express is not pin compatible with the older PCI standard.
PCI Express uses multiple high speed serial electrical
interfaces. PCI uses a shared parallel interface (at 33MHz on
a desktop board). The electrical levels are different. The
connectors are different.

There are still a few PCI video cards around, so you can find
something in this list, that will plug into your motherboard.


For video acceleration, the feature set is pretty spotty. For
decompression, cards have for years supported IDCT (inverse
discrete cosine transform) as a form of partial acceleration.
That is as basic as it gets.

Very modern cards have Purevideo (Nvidia) and Avivo/UVD, but
they are also associated with things like High Definition,
and a P3 would be hard pressed to keep up, even if the
video card provides some level of acceleration. No video
card currently handles video playback perfectly autonomously,
and usually a player application is needed, to take advantage
of the acceleration features. I would not expect FLV to
use anything from these links.

Your best bet might be something without the fancy stuff,
something that has IDCT. The PCI bus is a bottleneck in
any case, as for video, you're pushing a pixmap through
the bus, and that is pretty demanding on PCI. If the motherboard
had an AGP slot, that would be much better for the job.


Re: Can I use a ePCI card?


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True, but do we know he doesn't have an AGP slot?

Re: Can I use a ePCI card?

kony wrote:
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Or simply put, no, but you might be able to use an AGP card.


Re: Can I use a ePCI card?

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Thanks for the help.  I figured I probably could not use the ePCI

No, I do NOT have an AGP slot.  That was my first thought.  

I realize that I can only squeeze so much power out of this computer.
At the same time I can't really upgrade to a much faster MOBO and CPU
because I run Windows98se and I know that the newer systems dont have
the drivers.  I also have no intention to use a newer version of
Windows.  For an older system running Win98, I actually do get pretty
good performance when I play these videos (after I download them to my
own hard drive).  I've learned not to have a bunch of other apps
running at the same time to achieve maximum performance.  At the same
time I think I could get better performance by simply using a top of
the line video card, rather then the limited built in card which I
know are always pretty lacking in performance.

Keeping in mind what I am running a 1000mhz CPU on a P3 mobo, which
ONLY has PCI slots, and using Win98se.  What video card (brand and
model) should I look for?  I'm sure some of you use, or have used
these older systems and dealt with performance video cards.  I dont
play games, but I think that the video cards made for game graphics
would be what would help me out.

I live near a computer recycler company that resells parts, and the
prices are cheap.  They have boxes and boxes of video cards.  The
problem is that I am not sure what to get?  I was picking thru their
boxes of cards last week and I saw some cards with some pretty hefty
heat sinks on them, which would indicate to me that they are probably
more powerful, but without writing down the model numbers for each
card and researching each card online, I think it would be easier to
ask all of you for recommendations.  

Please advise me what brands and (if possible), particular models to
look for.  I know they have some of the higher end stuff in those
boxes, if only I knew which were the best as far as performance and
onboard memory.

I should mention that I play these FLV files offline and use the
Applian FLV Player ver 2.0 build 24 (the latest version).

Re: Can I use a ePCI card? wrote:
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As far as I know, 81.98 is the last Win98 driver for Nvidia.
There is a list of video cards here. Compare to the list on
Newegg. The Nvidia 6200 PCI might be an option.

I'm not as certain about ATI. Catalyst 6.2 (2006-Feb) driver
supports Win98, but I don't know if that is the last or not.
Click the "Release Notes" link, for a list of video cards.

Radeon 9800 series  Radeon 9000 series
Radeon 9700 series  Radeon 8500 series
Radeon 9600 series  Radeon 7500 series
Radeon 9500 series  Radeon 7200 series
Radeon 9200 series  Radeon 7000 series
Radeon 9100 series  Radeon Xpress 200 series  (plus some early X series...)

The Radeon 9250 PCI looks like the most likely candidate there.
That might be as far forward as you can go.

Good luck,

Re: Can I use a ePCI card?

On Sun, 23 Mar 2008 00:50:50 -0500,

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It should be mentioned that you shouldn't expect a video
card upgrade to help, your playback software might not be
very efficient but mostly you'd need a CPU upgrade.  Also
there was a fair bit of variation in early P3 boards, for
example some Sis or Via (693 chipset) based boards had
fairly poor memory performance, not nearly as good as intel
440BX, ZX, 810, 815, or Via 640.

Perhaps modern motherboards don't have Win9x drivers but
that doesn't stop you from something inbetween old and
current generation, for example many nForce2 boards have
win9x drivers and can run an Athlon XP around 2.2GHz or more
if overclocked (2.0GHz being easy with later core revisions,
the higher you go the more you need a better heatsink than

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