Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

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Well, after 8 years use, my processor fan is finally making a humming noise.
What can i do? Could I lubricate it? Will a heat sinks+fan unit designed for
an athlon have the same dimensions to clip onto my processor?

Thanks for your help

Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

Jason Hallway wrote:
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Ball bearing fans, no, but relubrication rarely helps them anyway since
they're usually worn by the time they become noisy, and most ball
bearings are sealed, making relubrication impractical.  Sleeve bearings
can be lubed with light machine oil (no spray lubes), but it's best to
dissassemble and clean the fan, taking care to put all the washers back
in their original order and replace any that are scored.  Lightly lube
the washers.

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The better Athlon heatsink clips, those with 3 holes per side, probably
won't fit since S7 sockets typically have wide cleats molded into them
next to the center cleats, but this is no problem with inferior clips
that have only 1 hole per side.  The large size of most Athlon
heatsinks may be another matter, so check the clearance around the CPU
socket.  Another solution is to leave the old heatsink in place and
replace only the fan itself.  Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a whole
heatsink & fan than a separate fan.

Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 02:43:04 +0100, "Jason Hallway"

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If it is a sleeve bearing fan you can relube it with heavy
oil, not light oil and there is no need to disassemble the
fan trying to clean out the bearing way.

If a ball-bearing fan, it is now beyond saving and needs to
be replaced.  If you rely on this system it would be prudent
to replace a sleeve bearing fan at this point too.

Yes another 'sink designed for same socket type should fit
but occasionally there were exceptions, 'sinks that were
bigger than normal (the AMD keep-out area was the limit) or
motherboards that had parts in the way.

Most decent 'sinks specify their dimensions, you can take a
ruler and compare to the free area on the board.  You could
get just the fan instead of whole sink if your fan is a
standard size or if you are creative in mounting the new

Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

My experiences with this suggest that d_n_s_m's suggestions, earlier in the
thread, are on target; let me add that, with respect to sleeve bearings,
although a heavier oil will stay in place longer, that it also loads the
armature down more and I've had it induce early overloading failure.  I'd
stick with something light--sewing machine oil, Marvell Mystery Oil, 3-in-1
(if it's still around), but NOT something like WD-40, as it leaves a
semi-drying oil film which gets sticky after awhile.

The only problem with disassembly and cleaning is that the circlips and
washers used are easily damaged and/or lost.  The problem with NOT
disassembling is that there are sometimes 2 bushings, upper and lower, and
you only get the lower, if you don't take it apart.  You could just add a
drop and let it sit upside-down for a day or so, I suppose.

I have also relubed ball-bearing types, but it's tricky, and if they're
making noise, they're (or nearly) gone already, and the cost of the bearing,
if you can find it, is ~$50.

If you can get a brandnew one without much stress, I'd recommend that first.


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Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 12:18:42 -0700, "jt3"

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You have no fan experience, are just trying to be an
armchair quarterback!

I have relubed far far too many fans to count.  Very thin
lube simply runs out of the bearing and has to be reapplied.
By the time the fan has ran to a dry bearing the first time
there is also excess play in the bearing and it is NECESSARY
to have a thicker oil to take up the play now in the

If you were to lube a new fan (for some odd reason, since it
is unnecessary) then a thinner oil but not ANYWHERE NEAR at
thin as sewing machine oil would be better.  About 5-10wt in
that case.

Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

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I'll back that one up.  I had one PC where the PSU fan kept sticking, if I
whacked it just right I could knock it loose and it would spin but only for
a few minutes.  Then I tried some machine oil and it would work for a day or
two.  But about every other day I would have to squirt the oil (it comes in
a squeezable tube with a long hollow metal applicator) into the fan through
the vents.  Finally I just replaced the fan, way cheaper then the time I
spent trying to "fix" it.

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Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

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Well, I can't claim to have lubed too many fans to count.  Then, perhaps you
might be mathematically challenged.
The experience that I claim is only maybe about 5 or six different ones, but
to the extent that one can go on that, I stand by what I said.


Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 22:08:24 -0700, "jt3"

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Ok, but how to you account for the lube running out when the
oil is thin, or the compensation for additional play in the
bearings once worn?  Some fans (actually most sleeve bearing
ones, depending on shades of grey in defining) are also
imbalanced and this forces lube out regardless of the
already mentioned tendency of thin oil to run.

I've lubed at least dozens of video card fans alone, in
addition to CPU, case, northbridge, and myriad other
non-computer fans.  There really isn't any good use of thin
oil on an aged fan.  On the contrary the best lube is an oil
so thick it could almost be grease (drop point barely below
room temp).  The less the wear the thinner it can be but
generally anything thinner than 20-40wt should be avoided
completely.   Fans I've lubed are still running 10+ years
later.  I wouldn't normally recommend relubing a fan that
needs to run this long but occasionally you'll find
proprietary fans that aren't reasonably (if at all)

Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

Well, you probably have a lot more experience than I do at dealing with very
worn fan bearings.  I expect it also depends upon whether or not there are
two bushings or one, or if one, then how long it is, but on the basis of
your experience with very worn ones I can only say you make a persuasive
argument.  The one fan I had get overloaded was the last one I tried motor
oil on, and, of course, it could have been marginal already and the extra
viscosity was enough to make it go intermittent.  In that case, I simply
found a good used one that cleaned up and lubed with thin oil quite nicely.
I've only lubed a couple since then, always with thin oil, but then, they
probably weren't as worn as the ones you have--I generally to attend to any
change in sound in any machinery if I can.

So, I can only defer to your greater experience.


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Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

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Personally, I would ignore all this stuff about lubricating fans. Unless the
original was <very> expensive, it's probably not worth it. You should easily
be able to get a replacement fan for your current heatsink.


Re: Can i get a fan + cooler 4 my old skt 7 AMD processor?

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 20:20:17 GMT, "SteveH"

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I agree.  However there are mitigating factors such as;

-  Machine may need to run until that new fan arrives.

-  New fan, if not high quality, may actually have a shorter
lifespan than the old one after having been relubed.  Of
course the same quailty fan, relubed _before_ it had ran
dry, would be the middle ground here, if someone insisted on
not buying a decent quality fan.  We could wonder why the
person would even consider a lower quality fan but that is
essentially what they had to result in the fan running dry
in the first place as a high quality sleeve bearing fan will
run for a decade without any relubes.

-  Expense isn't necessarily the factor as much as
proprietaryism.  You simply may not be able to find the
replacement fan at all if it's a unique shape and/or
voltage, OR there might be some dark corner of the internet
that has them but it would take days  of searching to find
it.  Then it depends on what your time is worth, since
pulling a fan to lube and reinstalling takes only a few

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