Can I confirm it a motherboard problem ?

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I have one PC w/ below major H/W components:

1. Magic pro MP-7VIP-DR-LE motherboard
2. Althon 1700+ CPU
3. 256 DDR RAM

Recently, my PC doesn't boot up smoothly. Boot up will often halts at
various stage, no matter right after BIOS message show up on screen,
RAM check, IDE hardware detection, windows ME logo show up, even after
windows successfully started up.

Sometimes, PC will auto restart itself, sometimes it just hangs up
there. I need to press the reset button to force the PC reboot.

What is worst, the auto reboot / hangup cycle will repeat again and
again. I may need to do manual reset from 2 to 8 (I guess, may be
more) times before the PC can run stable with no problem.

Initially I suspect may be the CPU overheats. After checking
temperature readings on each failed boot, I found PC hanged even when
temperature was below 80F. Then, the remaining causes I can think of
are malfunction CPU, faulty memory chip or motherboard problems.

Since I don't have a spare memory chip, I've just un-plugged then
plugged that chip and repeat the PC reboot trial. The problem
persists.  Personally I tend to motherboard fault but I'm not 100%
sure. Could anyone who has encountered similar problem share
experience here ?


Re: Can I confirm it a motherboard problem ?

use memtest86.

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Re: Can I confirm it a motherboard problem ?

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Re: Can I confirm it a motherboard problem ?

On 3 Apr 2005 12:58:53 -0700, (goolu) wrote:

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Check motherboard for bulged capacitors. I have had to motherboards
that gave me similar problems, & the problem was due to failed
capacitors. BTW, capacitors can be replaced & the board salvaged.

Re: Can I confirm it a motherboard problem ? wrote:

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I had a batch of Epox 8RGA+ boards do this a while ago, but also I would be
tempted to point my finger at a faulty power supply, they can cause all
sorts of mysterious lockups if one of the supply rails is operating out of
spec. The PSU is a simple and relatively cheap component to subsitute so I
would give that a go before condemning the motherboard.

Re: Can I confirm it a motherboard problem ?

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Agreed with you, power supply (PSU) may be the problem source.

To fix the problem, I carried out below steps:

1. Installed Windows ME in a spare blank disk, called it HD-B.
2. Connected HD-B to IDE bus master, the original HD (called it HD-A)
to IDE bus slave.
3. Powered up PC, copied data from HD-A to HD-B.
4. Powered off PC, replaced PSU. Disconnected HD-B from IDE bus.
5. Powered up PC again but booted it with ME boot floppy.
6. Ran scanreg /fix as suggested previously by ME (P.S. due to
repeated failed boots using HD-A along yesterday, ME had complained
that it couldn't process registry and advised using scanreg /fix to
fix problem).
7. Rebooted PC using HD-A.
After 7., ME started up but PC rebooted within 10 seconds. The PC kept
on reboot & reboot again automatically with each reboot triggered
within 10 seconds every time ME seemed started up successfully.

I suspected something wrong with ME configured in HD-A, so I did below

9. I booted up PC using ME startup floppy (with HD-A connected to IDE
bus only). After successful boot I ran below .bat file located at c:\


Commands in .bat file kept on executing for over 30 minutes, no
auto-reboot triggered.

10. I reconnected HD-B to IDE bus master & HD-A to bus slave. I booted
up PC using ME installed in HD-B. After successful boot I played a
.avi file repeatedly with Window Media Play for over 30 minutes. Again
no auto-reboot triggered.

I would like to ask what's wrong with Windows ME configured in HD-A ?
What should I do to re-enable HD-A boot up  stably on it's own ?

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