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I am about to build a new machine and have only ordered a few bits so far
but they all seem to come without IDE cables?

Can someone give me an idiots guide to what cables to order for my HD DVD
and Floppy drives?

Many thanks


Re: Cables!

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If you bought the drives OEM/Bulk, then you shouldn't expect to get cables
or screws with them.  If you bought the drives Retail boxed, however you
usually get one drive cable and screws with it in the box.

Since you're building this machine new (assuming from scratch), you should
note that:

1. Motherboards usually include at least one IDE cable for each controller
type.   For a typical contemporary motherboard, that means a floppy drive
cable, an IDE cable, and a SATA cable.   Some include more than that.
Depending on the model of drive you purchased, the most common connectors
are SATA and IDE/ATAPI.  If you exceed the number of cables provided, you
can usually pick up one from the local computer shop for about $6.  Read the
label on the drive if you're not sure which.

If it turns out you need an IDE/ATAPI cable, spend the extra for a rounded
cable (they cost about double what a regular ribbon style one goes for).
You get better airflow, and less clutter inside the case.

The only other cable that *might* come up is the internal audio cable, but
that's not really necessary.  It was used to shuffle analog audio from the
drive when you played a CD on the early CDROM kits, but analog audio
playback has largely been retired in favour of digital audio extraction
these days.  It shouldn't be necessary unless you're into playing games from
the early to mid 90s.

You will also find a few other connectors on the back of most drives, but
unless you have a piece of hardware that connects to one of those (you'd
KNOW what those connectors are for if you had such a piece of hardware),
don't worry about those.

2. As for the screws, if you're buying the case new, there should be a small
ziplock bag containing a mixture of miscellaneous screws.   The smaller ones
are the ones you'll be needing to mount the drives.  That's assuming you
don't own a higher end case that employs screwless mounting for drives.
Most computer shops will sell you a bag of miscellaneous computer screws for
about $2-$3 (or a nickel per screw if you don't need that much).

The prices noted are what the local shops in Toronto typically charge.  Your
own local pricing may vary.


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