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Ok I need to know if this is all good for gaming. And of course
regular use for
instant messaging and internet browsing.

But mainly gaming :)  recent games...


Computer Case:

Hard Drive:

Video Card:

Memory: I have 1g now but will buy 2nd soon.

ok with this
combination..what do you guys think for the new sports,
and army games?

Re: Building my computer...Advice

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 04:19:23 GMT, no@spam.invalid
(sportsguyfan) wrote:

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While the Newegg links were a nice touch, it would be good
to post the names of the items too, next time.

Looks ok, though if you want to add a bunch of cards and
keep the slot under video card empty for better cooling, you
run out of slots real quick.

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Looks better at first glance than it really is.  Several

Thin flimsy metal, made even worse by the short-length
motherboard tray.  Side window makes it even flimsier.
It'll also be louder, thin metal vibrates quicker.

Metal panels on front and rear are mostly obstructed- need
cut out for decent flow and good flow/noise ratio.  If the
rear fan hole were cut out completely, due to the thin metal
it could be a structural problem, but I'd do it anyway
because it'll more than double the flow rate at same noise
level or ideally, lower noise with lower speed fan

Junk power supply, I wouldn't even risk trying it.

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Not bad but I'd sooner get any random 2 x 160GB HDDs with a
rebate locally for about same price, and now only is it more
total storage but significantly faster for most uses.  Then
again if you plan on more drives later anyway, might as well
get at least one > 200GB if you have enough data to warrant

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I'd sooner a 6600GT on sale/rebate/etc... they're down
around same price when you find deals.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you want a lot of memory I suggest not buying 512MB per
model, rather single 1GB modules.

DDR2?  Hmmmmmm.

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For today's games, it'll do.  For next 12 months' use you
might up the budget towards a X800, 6800GS or whatever the
budget will accomodate.  Then again 12 months from now you
might nearly be able to buy the next gen of card for the
price difference... my crystal ball is broken so I can't
predict that.  Personally I'd wait on the card till some
deal-site posted one at a particularlly low price rather
than paying regular market price on a video card.

Re: Building my computer...Advice

what case do you recomind?? Price range 100 and down??

Re: Building my computer...Advice

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 22:25:13 GMT, no@spam.invalid
(sportsguyfan) wrote:

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There are myriad choices, it depends a lot on what looks
good to you... just keep in mind the issues of air intake &
exhaust, try to find one with at least 1.0mm metal sheeting
(or 0.8 at worst but better without a windows at only
0.8mm), front panel features you need, and that it comes
with a name-brand ample capacity PSU unless you want to buy
one.  Many people like some of the Antecs with 120mm rear
exhaust fan, but I can't pick one for you- that's half the
fun of it.

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