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I want to build a PC, yet I want to transfer everything that my current PC
has, data and applications.  I thought I make an image of the old HDD into
the new HDD, then I install the new HDD inside the new PC.  I have two
concerns:  Can I purchase a copy of XP, and simply plug the registration
number into the new PC?  The second question:  will the new HDD operate in
the new PC, knowing that the hardware and drivers are different?


Re: building a new pc, hdd

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Connect to new HDD to the comp either by IDE, PCI or ext USB enclosure and
then use Acronis True Image to clone the existing HDD to the new drive.
Remove old drive and replace with new drive making sure jumpers are set
correctly..... then the old drive is still functional if anything is not in

Re: building a new pc, hdd

Talal Itani wrote:
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There is the "repair install" procedure. With new motherboard, old
boot drive, Windows install CD, you can use a repair install, to
set up the old drive, to work with the new hardware.

Another version of the instructions, here.

Using the repair install method, your programs and user data files will
be preserved. You will still need to connect to Windows Update, and
install any Service Packs which were delivered later than the version
on the Windows install CD. Also, you'll need to get any Security Updates
and Patches from Windows Update as well. If you previously had Internet
Explorer 7 installed, then chances are, the Windows installer CD and
the repair install, will remove it. So you'd have to put any IE7
update back in as well.

There is some cleanup to do - and the amount of downloading necessary,
will depend to what extent you have kept some of the updates, on
your disk, for a rainy day.

If you have access to the release version of WinXP SP3, then that would
help a lot. See if someone at work has a copy on CD for you. Otherwise,
just work with SP2 and Windows Update, as that might be marginally
safer. It really depends, on where the original Windows install came
from. If it was my computer, I'd stick with SP2 for now. If you find
a Windows CD, it might even have SP2 already on it.


Re: building a new pc, hdd

On Sat, 31 May 2008 17:40:25 GMT, "Talal Itani"

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Yes, IF you buy a license for the exact same version of
windows.  If it was OEM XP home or pro, you'd need buy same
license... maybe even same service pack version, I don't
recall this.

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No, you can google search for "migrate hard drive windows
new motherboard" or do a repair install.  Frankly, I would
take the CD you used last time, and slipstream SP3 onto it
so you don't have so many patches to apply later.  

If your current windows installation is fairly old, there
can be benefit in doing a clean windows installation (again,
slipstreamed SP3 and other newer patches before doing it)
instead.  It does seem like more work but in some cases you
might even find you don't want or need all the old junk you
used to have, which makes windows leaner and faster,
possibly more stable and takes up less storage space when
you make backups.

Re: building a new pc, hdd


to question one.
1. Yes you can purchase a copy of XP. I strongly recommend. Windows Xp
Unlimited. you can purchase it here

2. As for the  registration
Number into the new PC will work.

3. As for the new HDD operate in
the new PC, knowing that the hardware and drivers are different will
work. What you need to do is make sure you use the HDD is used when
installing windows XP. Windows XP will co-ordinate the hardware to
work with the software and other devices used in the configuration of
th PC.

Isaac Okoye
Information Rules the World

Re: building a new pc, hdd

On Sun, 1 Jun 2008 20:44:53 -0700 (PDT), isaac4all

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Please do not use this as an excuse to put in an affiliate
link instead of just directly linking to the product you
meant, if there is even such a product - as there is no
special licensed XP "unlimited", there is just Pro, Home,
retail, OEM, student, etc as applicable to the purchaser.

You seem to have missed the point which is that it is
important  to purchase the same license type for same
product, one that is valid for the prior windows
installation on the new PC which is not the same as just
buying any windows license.  The new license key may not
even work if it is not for the same type.

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This is just false.  Quite often moving a hard drive results
in a bluescreen error because of a different drive
controller.  Windows can't plug-n-play "co-ordinate the
hardware to work" if it can't finish booting to a point
where it can then plug-n-play the different new hardware.

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