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Need help with parts for a new comp sometime around thanksgiving/black
looking for solutions between 1000-1200 no monitor though i'm stuck
between various parts.

E6850 (fsb 1333) vs. Q6600 (fsb 1066)

they're about the same price. looking towards the future, i'm thinking
that the Q6600 will last longer though the possibility of getting the
best dual core and then getting a quad in the future as prices drop is
quite tempting. plz advise.


looking towards P35, though the fact the there is no official SLi
support is disappointing as I was planning to get a sli mobo and a
8800gts leaving an xtra x16 slot open for the future. also have no
info/prices/support on the x38 series. I heard that the G series
graphics cores won't be dx10 til 2008 when the drives are released.
looks like gigabyte is the dominant force in the P35 market along with
asus. need help deciding whether to get the non wifi asus or the
gigabyte board.


ocz quality ram was 100 bucks cheaper a few weeks ago though that
offer is already over. from more reading, ddr3 has crappy latency and
isn't better than ddr2. would like recommendations.

hd. looking for a 150gb raptor.
sound. looking for an x-fi under 100. already have one marked under
newegg though i'd like to know how x-fi compares to the razer
barracuda cards.

still looking to a 8800 though i'm not quite sure what kind
specifically though the ati solutions are tempting but their drivers
are crummy and they seem to perform less than the 8800.

Re: building a new comp

oh... and thanks in advance.

Re: building a new comp


I'm also thinking of a new system. Here is my 2 cents:
CPU: Q6600 performs better, mainly due to quad and 8M L2
mobo: P35 is also my choice, I am considering a mobo supporting both DDR2
and DDR3 for future upgrade. Gigabyte produces very good mobo nowaday but
I'll likely go for asus p5kc as it has 1394.
gfx: I'll go for 8800gts since I cannot afford gtx but 8600 and ati are way
too slow compare with 8800gts.
ram: will go for ddr2 first and onto ddr3 when price goes down and better
products available. By the way, do you know if I should buy a matched pair
of ddr2? there are some called 1Gx2 kit. any different from simply two 1GB?

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