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Hello group..

I need some advice on hardware to build a new box. I've built quite a few
machines for myself but have been out of touch with new architeccture. My
old M'board (Gigabyte Socket A) cooked and I'd like to build an economical
Athlon 64 that will handle the gammut of the Athlons. I'd like to stay
around $500 if thats possible. I'd also like to try low end dual processor
and upgrade down the line but I'd like a decent V'card and try out the
PCI-Express. I do some occasional drafting and 3dmodeling but not too
intensive (solidworks).
I'll need at least 1 standard PCI for my Wirelss Card and I'd like at lest 2
ATA 100 for DVD and my old HD as slave. I will use my existing Monitor,
keyboard, mouse, etc.

Looking for recoms on..........

H'Drive (sata)?
DVD burner?

Also...what consensus on a "configured" box from HP?

Thanks to any help or input.

Re: Building a new box

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Any midtower case should be fine, unless you wanted to go with one of
the HIGHER end video cards, then a full tower might suit your needs
better.  The Nvidia 7950 cards are around 10" long and the new 8800's
run between 9 and 12".

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A good place to start is  Search for motherboards, choose
AMD compatible, and do a power search (left column, third choice).
You can specify any information you want and leave vague as much as
you can't or don't want to answer.  I have seen socket AM2
motherboards with PCI-e, sata, dual channel ram, all the works for
near $60.

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As mentioned earlier, you would probably like to stick with the newer
socket AM2 over the 939.  I just purchased the Athlon 64 X2 4000+
which runs at something like 2GHz per core (dual core).  As far as
speed its closer to the bottom of the run of dual core Athlons, but it
has 1+1MB L2 cache as opposed to the 512+512KB of most of the other
X2's.  It is still fairly cheap compared to the other 1MB L2 cache
processors, most of which are in the FX family of Athlons.

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Any PCI express with about 256M Ram.  I just got a couple Nvidia
7600GT's for about $100 each at  They work very well, are
fairly small compared to any of the other mid-to-high end video cards
and stay quite cool.

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You won't need any ultra low latency, gaming ram, but I wouldn't get
any less than 1GB or any more than 2GB.

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Yes, SATA.  Western Digital makes great HDDs.

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I just got a Lightscribe burner which I enjoy very much.  No more
printing disc labels or the unprofessional look of marker on your
DVDs.  Most are 16 or 18x which is fairly fast.  Comparing an 18x DVD
burner with an 18x CD burner is not apples to apples.  The numbers are
not on the same scale, so you wouldn't expect them to burn the same
amount of data in the same amount of time; for clarity's sake, the dvd
burner would be faster (18 vs 18x).

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Its ok, but you have more flexibility and the price to performance
ratio may (or may not, depending on sales etc.) be better with a
custom build.  My advice, configure an HP and price out components
then compare.

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Good luck, FF.

Re: Building a new box - review my hardware picks

Thanks for the reply. This is some great feedback. I've been looking on
NewEgg and have "cart". I'm trying to stay a bit behind cutting edge to save
some bucks but also want to be able to upgrade when the prices start
dropping. With that in mind I'm trying to get a decent case and M'board and
go with the low to med. priced on others with intention to upgrade.

The HP factor is that I can config a 1750e with similars that I would build
and its $30 cheaper with 4200 X2 CPU and it comes with Vista Home. there are
some negatives though as I am unsure of the board architecture
(upgradeability) and I cant seem to get HP Tech support to tell me if it is
or how many ATA100 interface it has so that I can slave my old ATA HD.

Heres what my "build" looks like..... Let me know if I'm missing anything.

Antec LifeStyle SONATA II w/450 watt PS                               $99
(has a $50 mail in rebate)
ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2                                       $149
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Windsor
BFG Tech BFGR76256GTOCE GeForce 7600GT 256MB       $142 ($20 mail in rebate)
CORSAIR XMS2 1GB (2 x 512) 240-Pin DDR2  DDR2 800   $109
Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JS 250GB                            $70
SONY Black 16X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW                                  $46
Atech Flash Xm-4U 11-in-1

Total +shipping and after rebates

Thanks, FF

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Re: Building a new box - review my hardware picks

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007 15:20:42 GMT, "Faraway"

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There is no HP factor.  One chooses to build their own or go
OEM for the other differences, not to try to save a very
minor amount of money.  Either you want control over the
parts selection and to do it yourself, or you want the

Re: Building a new box - review my hardware picks

any opinion on the hardware ?

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Re: Building a new box - review my hardware picks


Everything looks pretty good.  The motherboard may be a bit more than
you need; you are paying for the northbridge which allows two PCI-e
video cards to be run in SLI, meaning they split the video processing
duties.  It is an easy and cheap way of upgrading your video card by
simply buying the identical chipset video card as you already have,
instead of paying much more for a better card.  If that is something
you are interested in, by all means, that Asus board is a fair choice,
but you might be able to find something with SLI with a more
economical price.  There is a BFG motherboard that is 109 after all
rebates (10 instant, 50 mail in).  The northbridge in the Asus board
runs at 8x but the one in the BFG runs at a full 16x.

The 8x/16x is in reference to the data rate.  Essentially, the nforce
590, 650, and 680 chipsets have double the data rate as the nforce 4
and 5 series up to 570.

The 11-in-1 device, does that include a floppy?  I have seen some
pretty good 3.5" devices that have a floppy, which is always useful to
have (you might use it 4 times but when you need it, you NEED it -
RAID drivers, etc) and all sorts of memory card slots as well.  Might
be something worthwhile looking into.


Re: Building a new box - review my hardware picks

Thanks.... I kept the card reader and added a sony floppy for 8 bucks. I
havent used mine musch at all but you are right when you need need

I do have another question...... My Samsung Syncmaster 910mp flatscreen
monitor does not have DVI input and I would have to use the D-sub Adapter
that would come with the video card I picked out......... will that work ok?
Will I lose some quality?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Building a new box - review my hardware picks

The adapter works fine.  The quality issue is inherent in the analog
display itself, not really an artifact of converting digital to analog
or using the adapter.  What I mean is, sure you would get a better
quality picture using an all digital connection to a digital lcd
monitor, but the quality converting from digital to analog won't be
any worse than having a D-Sub out on your video card.  You won't
notice any picture quality decrease.

Did you get what I was trying to say about the motherboard and SLI?  I
tend to have a million things going on in my head and it is difficult
to give a coherent and concise explanation as opposed to the normal
sporadic, chaotic replies I usually give.


Re: Building a new box - BFG M'board - DOA

BFG NForce 590SLI M'board is DOA.  At initial post the post LED went thru
countdown and onboard SLI Chipset cooling fan was "wurring" really loud then
fan quited down. After about 8 minutes on the initial burn the fan started
getting faster then slower faster then slower and before I could shutdown
manually the system shutdown by itself. On subsequent reboot, post LED shows
hyphen hyphen. On hold with BFG tech support for 57 minutes until pickup,
tech says hmmm hyphen hyphen mean someting bad. Send it back. $15 shipping
10 days on return. I said thats wrong he says why I say i buy,  its bad now
i have to pay to ship and wait, he syas he send email with RMA 8hrs later no
email. On back of board under the built in fan there is sign of meltdown. I
will see what NewEgg says. I want to return exchange the M'board and the BFG
Video Card I bought....dont know if video card is bad ...yet. I just dont
want BFG crap. I'm pissed.

Any recs on another socket AM2 M'board? I only do 3D Modeling - Solidworks

PS the BFG M'board and video manual both sucked..they are so generic and
written on crappy paper and stapled i could make it. I hate chep

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Re: Building a new box - review my hardware picks

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007 22:27:13 GMT, "Faraway"

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It is as expected, a conservative configuration  set up to
be cost effective and have limited upgrade potential.
There's nothing wrong with the quality per se, but if you
want more or fewer features, you are out of luck if they
don't happen to offer configuration changes you want.

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