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I just inherited a Compaq Presario 1247.  It's 400 mhz notebook with
160 mb of Ram.  Now, what I'd like to do is yank the mainboard out and
replace it with something along the lines of a 2.0 ghz cpu and ram.
Is this feasible?  And if so, what boards would you recommend?


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Re: Building a laptop

On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 18:06:17 -0600, Scotty Davis

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No, laptop mainboards and casings are proprietary, only
shared between a very few models at any one point but
certainly not over more than one or two generations of
similar mainboard.

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I recommend you buy a low-end new/complete laptop somewhere,
because even if you could buy a new board for an old shell
it would still be cheaper to buy a complete laptop than
separate CPU, board & custom heatsink, memory, and don't
forget the hard drive as it is one of the larger bottlenecks
in many laptop uses.

Re: Building a laptop

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To echo Kony, it is a dead end to a consider upgrading anything on a laptop
with the exception of RAM and hdd and maybe CD-ROM. Everything else is  just
about totally propriatory to the frame it comes, and an attempt to replace
cpu or video for something else will create a bottleneck in the technology
from new back to old. When Compaq or any other large computer company come
up with a newer laptop the mb sizes change to fit the design. The older
laptop casings disappear and become obsolete.
   Your money is much better spent on something completely new  and you
would be saving yourself grief as well as doing someone else a favor  to
donate the Compaq to someone or a group you know who can use it who has

Jan Alter

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