budget DX9 card advice ???

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OK apologies for cross-post - just need opinions & value all replies from
all groups...........

current spec : AMD 2500 Barton (o/c to 2210 Mhz), MSI KT6V mobo, 512Mb
PC2700 RAM, Geforec 4 Ti 4800

need DX9 AGP card for Battlefield2. Current runs fine for me HL2, Farcry,
CSSource etc @ 800x600 or 1024x768 - just need DX9 support now.
Don't want to spend a lot as now my setup will need upgrade soon (either to
P4 or Athlon 64 & prob PCiExpress & prob 6600/6800/X800 or equivalent PCIe).
Have heard 9800 Pro does'nt like KT600 mobo ?????

So have found :
Radeon 9700 Pro - UKP 79
Radeon 9800 Pro - UKP 90
mates 9600XT 256Mb - UKP 30-40

Mates card can be borrowed & trialled first no problem - your
thoughts/advice please.

thanks in advance   JonMaC

Re: budget DX9 card advice ???

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9800Pro with 9700Pro (Fleabay) as a second choice.


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