BSD: Motherboard or powersupply

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A PC the I recently built has had random BSD errors for sometime and
it appears that it either the power supply or the motherboard. How can
determine which is the real problem.

thanks for any assistance.


Re: BSD: Motherboard or powersupply

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007 16:20:26 -0500,

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First, these random BSD may not be entirely random.  Write
down the unique portion of the error message including any
filename mentioned and the stop code.

If the errors seem related to a particular driver, replace
that driver.  Same with an application.

Check the memory with memtest86+.
Examine the motherboard for failed capacitors.
Check PSU voltage with a multimeter.

Provide a complete but concise list of all major parts
including PSU make, model, and it's 12V current rating.

Check temps, and CPU stability running Prime95's Torture

If you have memory errors, you may need to correct that and
then format the HDD and install everything again to be rid
of file corruption.

Re: Motherboard or powersupply

The easiest way is to replace PSU with a known working one and see if that
fixes the problem.


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Re: Motherboard or powersupply

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Chances are it's not a PSU or mobo issue.
I'd run a RAM test first...
also check your video drivers

Re: BSD: Motherboard or powersupply, thanks for input

Thanks for the input.  I had tried all of the tests suggested and all
other devices and memory passed the analysis.  In the course of the
analysis, I noticed that errors seemed to be related to components
that were built into the motherboard and have decided to return the
motherboard for replacement.

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007 16:20:26 -0500, wrote:

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