Blind and building PC

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I used to build my own computers but that was years ago. I went blind
about 5 years ago (seriously, it's no big deal) and I'd like to give
building my own PC another try.  I work for the University of Wisconsin
in the Math Department doing mostly linux server support and web
programming. But I pretty often have to swap out hard drives, NICs, and
RAM. You know, the kind of thing anybody can do. But I have a couple of
friends who can help me if I get stuck.

I've been doing a lot of research including lurking in this group for a
month. But I have almost given up on what I really want in a PC, access
to the BIOS. I know there are mobos that redirect the BIOS to the serial
port but I think that feature is available only on server mobos and I
don't want to spend $300 on the mobo alone. Alternately, a BIOS that
does not put the video into graphics mode would be acceptable. I have a
PC Weasel  card. This card acts like a VGA card except the output is to
a serial port on the card. So you can connect a terminal emulator to
this card and see what the PC is doing as long as it's in character

Failing even that, i'd just like to get a solid mobo, CP and RAMU I am
planning on spending around $300 but will spend more if necessary.

I've been figuring on getting an AMD processor because i've read that
they give better performance for the price. But there are a dizzing
array of AMD processors. All the research I've done tells me what to buy
if I'm a gamer. But I haven't played a game on my computer for years.

The new PC will be dual-boot, Windows and ubuntu linux. I'll be able to
put Vista on it in a few weeks but I'm in no hurry. I use my machine for
email, web browsing, and as a terminal for administering linux servers.
When it gets old, I plan using it to replace my current linux file  
server, a P3/450 Mhz w/ 512 Mb RAM.

So I'm looking for recommendations for motherboard and CPU. A mobo with
a good on-line manual would even be a big help.

My first thoughts:

Re: Blind and building PC

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Not answering your question...but to ask one...

I'm thinking Madison...but if you are in Milwaukee, do you know "tall" Dave

I live near UWM


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Re: Blind and building PC

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No. I'm in Madison. I know a tall Dave but not Tall Dave.

Badgers, 12-1.

Re: Blind and building PC

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Well Dave R. (works in the computer department at UWM is over 7 feet tall)

Anyway...the stuff you are looking at looks pretty good to me. I've always
been an AMD fan
though I understand that Intel has pretty well caught up to AMD .

NewEgg is a very reliable place to do business with so I'd say ...go for
the price looks right

One of these days I'm going to build a nice machine for myself...
All my stuff is scrounged up junk...
but I built a nice AMD-3800 X2   for my girlfriend about a year ago...

BTW: I find it hard to believe that you can do the work blind...though I
know there are plenty of people who do.
I can see fairly well and have a tough enough time with it! WOW!

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