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I need a little help here. Computer upstairs the screen stays black, I left
it on overnight as I have done many times before. I thought it was in sleep
mode. Couldn't bring it back up so I used the power button to shut it down
waited a few minutes and tried to start it.The screen stays black, I don't
even get a POST screen. Nor do I get any beeps from the mother board, the
fans seem to be running though. I have replaced the cr2032 battery on the
mother board, removed and reinserted the cards. I tried different memory and
a new video card all to no avail, I have also removed and reinstalled the
cpu and fan, cleared the cmos via the jumper setting. I have also removed
all pci cards and still nothing on boot up but all 7 fans fire up just fine,
and it sounds like the had drive is working, optical mouse lights up so I am
at a loss since the machine hasn't had a hardware problem since I built it 4
years ago
It has a SOYO    K7ADA MB with an AMD 1600 processor and it gave me no
indications of any problem


Re: Black Screen , No Post Screen

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Something has died, you just have to work out what has died.

Since you appear to have more than one PC, one obvious test
is to put the monitor from the system thats still working fine on
the system that isnt and see if its just the monitor that's died.

If it still has a black screen, most likely the video card
has died tho that should see the monitor complain about
the lack of a signal, if its relatively modern and not an antique.

You normally should get one beep as the system completes
the POST. Did it used to do that ?  If it did, something much
more fundamental has died, either the power supply of the
motherboard. In that case take all the cards out and see if
it will beep complaining about the lack of video card and ram.
If it still doesnt beep, put the ram back and see if it will beep,
some systems wont beep without ram.

If it still wont beep, measure the power supply main
rails with a multimeter if you have one and know
how to use one. If you dont, try another power
supply, maybe out of the system that works fine.

If its not the power supply, check for bad caps on the motherboard.
These are the usually blue or black plastic covered post like things
that stick up vertically from the motherboard surface. The tops should
be flat. If any have bulged or have leaked, thats likely the problem.

If it looks like a bad motherboard, try running the system with just
cpu and ram loose on the desktop to check for a short to case.
Some people dont try to find a screw that has got dropped into
a case and that can cause a short.

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Re: Black Screen , No Post Screen

I just went thru something like you are with my ESC MB and sepron 2200.  All
of a sudden no beeps no video no nothing except fans and HD's spinning up.
I took out all cards ram still got no beeps.  I took of the heatsink and
fired up the MD for just a couple of seconds to see if the CPU heated up and
it did.  That nailed it down to the MB.  Believe it or not I was just
getting ready to drop the MB in the trash when I felt one of the capacitors
move.  I look under the board and could see the solder weld was broke.  Got
out my solder pen and just touched it.
I put the CPU back in and connected up a PS and the on board speaker started
beeping.  So it looks like I got lucky.  Good luck to you.

Brian in MI

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