Best possible improvements? Free older desktop?

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*Hey everyone, I recently got my hands on a older Compaq Presario 2266,
with a M 2 FM-333 TM processor, 64 Mb SDRAM, 4 GB. HD and a 32x CDROM
running Win 98. I Know its kind of a project when you can pick up a P3
or 4 in the paper for around 150-200$ but some suggestions would be much
appriciated as far as a decent processor, sys board, and anything else.
What would you do if you had a few hundred to blow on it???*

Re: Best possible improvements? Free older desktop?

With that much money I would use the Compaq as a boat anchor and look
for a
computer store that has taken back off lease later model boxes.
For about $200 I would expect something like a Dell 2.+ghz, 80gb, with
XP pro
installed. Save the good Compaq parts for spares. Not much there
but floppy and

Re: Best possible improvements? Free older desktop?

On Wed, 12 Aug 2009 10:41:55 -0500, Jblakeyy wrote:

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Join and you may get a P4 2 Ghz for free..I did some time ago
and after cleaning the dust out and replacing the CD-ROM drive gave it to
my wife to play with and surf the net.

Re: Best possible improvements? Free older desktop?

On Wed, 12 Aug 2009 10:41:55 -0500, Jblakeyy

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If I had a few hundred to blow on it I would gut the case
and reuse that case to build something modern.  You can get
last-generation tech at great discounts without having to
settle for low quality.  For example

$30 -  2 to 4 GB DDR2 memory
$60 -  Basic mATX motherboard w/integrated video, sound, NIC
$60 -  Low end AMD or Intel CPU
$25 -  DVDRW drive
$50 -  500GB HDD
$40 -  PSU (need one capable of more 12V current than
existing PSU)


As for reasonable upgrades to keep the price low or use
leftover parts lying around,  IF I had a use for such an old
system and the time to waste on it...

Install Win2k SP4, or a cut-down (nlite) version of WinXP

Seems to be a socket 7 system so install a AMD K6-3 CPU.
The bios may not accept that CPU, if not then a K6-2 CPU.
You probably have to decode what the motherboard jumpers do
so you can change the voltage, multiplier and bus speed.

Defintely go with the K6-3 if possible, I vaguely recall it
allows caching more memory since it has onboard L3 cache
unlike the K6-2.  They come in speeds up to about 500MHz
give or take.  You will probably need a better heatsink than
the current CPU uses but you probably want one anyway since
the original fan is pretty old and worn by now if the system
saw regular use up until recently.

Try to upgrade memory, use PC100 instead of (typical) PC133
because the PC100 is lower density most of the time.  See if
it will take up to 256MB per slot, though I have forgotten
the particulars of such old systems, it might only take 64
or 128MB max per slot.

Put a new(er) hard drive in.  Update the bios to the last
version if you can find it as that might increase the HDD
capacity it can use, but with many newer (by now even old
ones) drives have a 32GB capacity limit jumper you can try
if there is a bios limit.  It's not just the capacity, it's
that any drive multiple times the size will be quite a bit
faster.  If all else fails a PCI IDE controller card with
it's own bios would allow using larger drives, actually
today using an SATA instead of IDE/PATA card would make more
sense unless you happened to already have a spare IDE hard
drive you wanted to use to save on the cost.

The real question is what you need the system to do.  Even
with the fastest CPU the board can take, today's bloated
webpages may have scripts or flash animations that drag such
an old system to it's knees, I find about 800MHz the slowest
CPU I could stand using for surfing many of today's popular
websites... slower would work for 90% of them, but why not
build for 100%.

Lastly, the Compaq design could be proprietary and even the
case can't be resonably reused, or the PSU size and shape
non-standard, and certainly any good upgrade will have a CPU
that produces more heat so you'd need to cut a fan hole or
two plus fan to improve the cooling.

Overall I think the system isn't worth the time unless the
case is mostly standard but even then, Compaq liked to use
all-integrated front panel (bezel, switches and LEDs, etc)
ribbon cable with single connector block that you would need
to rewire for use on any newer more standard motherboard.
The project would be more of a way to spend time as a hobby
rather than really worth the time based on the result,
though some of the old OEM cases are built like tanks,
really sturdy which can make them more desirable than cheap
new cases if the budget  won't stretch for a more expensive

Re: Best possible improvements? Free older desktop?

Jblakeyy wrote:
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The3re's NOTHING you want in that Compaq Presario 2266.

The motherboard is Socket 7, not even Super Socket 7 IIRC, only
supporting the Cyrix M II which is atually a 233 mhz CPU . I think you
nay have read the numbers wrong.

The power supply is anemic(~160 watts IIRC) , and the physical
dimensions of it are much smaller than a standard ATX supply.

The backplane panel of the case can't be changed, and it's doubtful that
the cutouts would mate up with anything useful in a later motherboard.

I know that model well, one of my cohorts at work was given one about 6
years ago by his son as a "starter computer". It was full of
woolieboogers and the hard drive was full of nasty things as well. After
a physical cleanup and a digital cleanup (format and reinstall of W98,
he got about 2 years out of it before the power supply died.

He replaced it with a Gateway P3-533 from the city surplus outlet for
$20 that had 512 megs of RAM and a 40gig drive...

I glued the Cyrix processor to the circuit breaker panel as a joke.

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