best filter material & fan config.

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Sorry for the necropost but this thread is just too awesome, some
really informative people here!
I've been reading various other threads @ other forums with the same
subject matter, but so far none come close to this!
So what I've garnered so far as the options for PC filtration:

*pantyhose (nylon stockings)
*dryer sheets
*air conditioner filters
*air cleaning/purifying filters /

I'm using this case

I will be modding the 2x 92mm intakes to 120mm...
And cutting an extra 120mm exhaust on the rear of the case lid, in
line with the PCI/e slots.
I'll also be fashioning a mounting bracket for my H20-220 edge (AIO
rad/res/pump system from swifttech)
This mechanism will be bolted to the back right corner of the case
lid, near the water tube holes.
The H20-220 Edge will have 4x GT AP-15* in P+P (possibly with shrouds

For the 2x intakes I was going to use 2x AP-14 (1450RPM)...
For the exhaust I was going to use 1x AP-15 for the exhaust on the lid
(can undervolt), & 1x AP-14 for the other.
Or is it better to play it safe with positive pressure & use 2x AP-15
for the intakes, & 2x AP-14 for the exhaust?
Especially considering I'd only be using filtration material on the

What filtration material and fan config. do you think is the most

*this range of fans are universally lauded nowadays for having
excellent noise to cfm ratio, whilst still maintain decent static

Re: best filter material & fan config.

Apologies, by necropost I was referring to this thread
I tried to post in there originally but it doesn't seem to let me for
some reason :(
Anyway any thoughts/advice are greatly appreciated!

Re: best filter material & fan config.

Woops I get it now...

Found the new gg version & posted in the orig. thread there, & now it shows-up
both in the newsgroups, & gg version of the thread.
And this separate thread that i originally posted in google newsgroups also now
shows up in gg.

Sorry for any confusion!
Happy to continue the discussion wherever is most suitable.

Re: best filter material & fan config.

and of course this option:
*Honeywell HEPA filter unit

I like this one actually, because I do have some quite bad allergy problems.
So maybe I can kill two birds with one stone!

Re: best filter material & fan config.

On 20/03/11 6:20 AM, Don Taylor wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

MartinM did some exhaustive testing which revealed that the GT's generally are
the no.1 noise to CFM.
As always the answer not as simple as that, & depends on your application to
some extent.
He's no longer taking fan donations & I forget which round of testing he
finished at, but he's no longer test fans.
He's moved onto assessing other areas...

Have at it:

Information/Guides & Reviews/Tests & Galleries - XtremeSystems Forums

Fan Testing Round 4 Complete (Results Summary) - XtremeSystems Forums
Fan Testing Round 6, Potential Fan List/Methods - XtremeSystems Forums

YouTube - Martinm210's Channel

Gentle Typhoon's AP-15 (1850 RPM) - Page 5 - XtremeSystems Forums
Gentle Typhoon Ap-15 Incredible!!! - Page 9 - -

Skineelabs I think also has some great methodologies/testing in this area.


Re: best filter material & fan config.

anyone can I get some thoughts/advice please?


Re: best filter material & fan config.

jed wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You're a real piece of work.

You post into a thread from 2005. You don't do shit like that.
If you have a question, you prepare a *fresh* post, with a unique title.
Dorothy hasn't been seen in years. (For those who don't remember,
Dorothy used to sell fans in the UK, and was a real expert on the

    5/20/05 Dorothy Bradbury

And you've apparently copied a post from here verbatim (from 2007!!!).
Now, why would you do that ? Can't you compose your own content ???
To the best of my knowledge, xtremesystems has *never* been
bridged to USENET.

You obviously don't understand what USENET is.

If you want the *REAL* USENET, with no screwing around, download
Thunderbird from, and set up a free "USENET news account" on . Go to the web site for details. Then,
prepare some fresh, un-plagiarized material and post to the
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt group. Since retention on the site
is short, you can't possibly make any references or replies to
threads from 2005 or 2007.

By starting from scratch, you won't be making all sorts of half-assed
references to things we can't see. It's just be "you and your thoughts".


Re: best filter material & fan config.

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There's a distinction that needs making here.  Paul is not asking
for assistance.  You are.  When I see a question on a newgroups,
forum or whatever and can instantly see an answer there is still
a decision to be made as whether I actually answer it or not -
there simply aren't enough hours in a day to answer everything.
Thing I may consider are:
How interesting is the question?  Related to this is how easy it
is to find the answer elsewhere.  Why should I waste my time because
you can't be bothered to spend a minute or two Googling?
How much time would it take to answer properly?  Having the _full_
details at the outset always helps since you are not then chasing
details or enumerating every possible alternative.  By quoting out
of context here you immediately ensure we only have one part of
the equation because we can't see what you are responding to.

How much do I want to help the asker?  Posting duplicate messages
and violating other netiquette guidelines does not help your cause
- remember, I am the final arbiter of whether I answer your question.
If I consider something important it doesn't matter whether you
think it irrelevant or not - it is my opinion that carries.  General
demeanour is also a factor - presenting yourself as some kind of
expert and then asking a basic question of a very general nature
does not encourage meaningful responses.

I'm not unique in any of this: everyone here makes exactly those
kind of decisions to every post.  It doesn't matter if everyone
reading your message has useful material to contribute.  If everyone
individually decides "No, I can't be bothered" you don't get an
answer.  That is something to bear in mind before arbitarily deciding
that the accepted standards of a community don't apply to you.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: best filter material & fan config.

Did you even read his original response to me...
It was mostly incorrect & largely unwarranted at that point.

Re: best filter material & fan config.

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And apparently you didn't read my 3rd last post....
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Not sure what you're on about...
I never presented myself as an expert & then asked a very basic question of a
very general nature.

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