Best CPU / Mobo for money ?

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Any opinions on the best CPU / mobo combination for the money?

I'm not looking the best performance per se - the best performance per
dollar is more like it.

The machine will be used for standard home usage - internet, newsgroup, MS
office stuff.

Also, are the current mobos still ATX form? Would they fit in an ATX box
bought in 2000?


Re: Best CPU / Mobo for money ?

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As there is a price war between Intel and AMD, there are some
bargain processors for sale. I would select something with
a 3GHz or 3000+ performance level. Part of the dollar exercise,
is finding a decent motherboard that is not too expensive to
go with it.

The form factors have not changed. The full sized ATX is still
12 x 9.6". The microATX (with three PCI slots or a mix of
PCI and PCI Express x1 slots) is still 9.6" x 9.6". The holes
are still in the same places. Some of the motherboards may be
shaved by an inch on the narrow dimension, but this isn't an

Finding a cool running processor, is a benefit in terms of
the amount of fans needed to cool your new computer. Some
of the bargain AMD processors would be better in this

In terms of rating systems Sempron 3000+ is comparable
to Celeron D 3GHz. An Athlon64 3000+ is comparable to
a Pentium 4 at 3GHz. But the Sempron and Celeron D are
weaker than the "full strength" Athlon64 and Pentium 4,
and the prices are still reasonable for all of the low
end stuff. (I saw a chart of dollars versus performance,
and apparently the current price war pricing of the
inexpensive stuff is right in line with its performance
level. I wish I'd bookmarked the web page I saw it
on, as I haven't been able to find the picture again.)

Athlon64 S939 3700+ with 1MB L2 cache $105
Athlon64 S939 4000+ with 1MB L2 cache $139

A socket 939 motherboard for $82

While it would be fun to recommend a Nvidia 6100 or 6150 based
microATX board, there is too much of a dropout rate on the
built-in video. Which is why I picked a board without built-in
video, and then a separate video card.

$90 for 1GB total memory (DDR PC3200 2.5-3-3-6 2x512MB dual channel)

6200LE video card PCI Express x16 $38
(Buy an 80mm fan to blow on the card.)

Enermax power supply $57

These bracket what Intel has to offer in the same price range.

Intel Pentium 4 531 3GHz/FSB800/1MB L2 $85
Intel Pentium 4 630 3GHz/FSB800/2MB L2 $143


Re: Best CPU / Mobo for money ?

For office stuff, you will not need the nvidia mobo or the graphics
card. Get any cheap VIA chipset mobo with onboard graphics. They will
be just fine (and offer better value for money). The Athlon 64 3000+ is
presently the best option for value buyers, for more reasons that one.
They being excellent overclockers can easily be operated at much higher
speeds without any hassles. So when the 3000+ feels sluggish, run it at
speeds equivalent to 3500+.
Office apps work just fine with 128 MB RAM, but that would be severely
restricting the CPU, so get atleast 2 modules of 128 MB and use them in
dual channel mode for maximum bang (ofcourse, 512 would be highly

Re: Best CPU / Mobo for money ?

On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 00:07:14 GMT, "Jack K"

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A 2000 system case, IF standard ATX instead of some OEM
proprietary type (to what extent it is proprietary, can mean
the difference between reasonable workarounds... a little
more time spent to integrate the board to the case, or
coming up against numerous necessary modifications to the
extent that it's arguably not worth the bother to avoid a
new case) ... it can be reused for the new build so far as
ATX being ATX and you'll need to confirm it has ample
cooling for the typically high heat producing modern parts.

Odds are quite high you will need a new power supply, as
typical '00 systems used more 5V, less 12V current and even
when CPU derived power came from 12V rail, it was
significantly less current (peaks) than today.  It can often
be that a case with psu costs not so much more than the PSU
alone, just beware of cases with low quality PSU in them
having inflated wattage ratings, it should cost at least $60
for a case with a decent 400W PSU, more for a nicer case or
higher capacity PSU (though one some all-integrated systems,
less than 400W PSU would be necessary but that's a median
value suggestion also potentially having reserve current for
future upgrade).

It would have been more expedient to mention exactly what
case you have, even better to link online pictures of the
interior and rear, or at least the front if nothing else.

Re: Best CPU / Mobo for money ?

cpu price/performance,1697,1876688,00.asp


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