ATX system start-up problem

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I have an older ATX system that runs fine once started but has a curious
problem upon start-up dependant upon climate. Whenever the cold weather hits
and it's cooler (~65 deg.) inside than during the summertime (~77Deg.), the
system will almost always 'freeze' upon start-up requiring a second start.
It will then start and load the OS and function normally.

Running Windose XP Pro on a ASUS A7N8X motherboard. I researched these
symptoms last winter and decided of the two choices of the motherboard or
the PSU, I chose to replace the PSU. I was running an Antec Tru330 330W. I
replaced it with another Antec -
Earthwatts 380. Now that winter is here the symptom is repeating itself.

Casual inspection of the motherboard shows no capacitor irregularities,
so....bad MB or another bad PSU? MB choices are pitifully limited.

Comments welcome!

Lenny D.

Re: ATX system start-up problem

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Yeah, I have a MSI MS-7260 MB with Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Dual Core and
2GB RAM, and I had similar problems a week ago. When I turn the power
on, the results were pretty much unpredictable. Usually the screen was
black, the keyboard LEDs were lit in a completely random pattern, and
the system would not start. Turning the system off/on repeatedly
worked a few times, and sometimes even that didn't suffice. Sometimes
leaving the system "on" (in a "Black Screen of Death" state) for about
30 mins, turning it off and back on would solve the problem.

It was completely random. I couldn't trace what caused the problem.
Now the temperature where I live is milder, and my computer doesn't
have any problems.

Weird. Wish you luck.

Re: ATX system start-up problem

On Thu, 5 Feb 2009 11:18:40 -0800 (PST), vilinkamen

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That is typically a power supply problem.

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