Athlon minimum power

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The Athlon takes 78,5W at most. But how much does it take when it has
nothing to do?



Re: Athlon minimum power

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IIRC it's in the neighborhood of 20-something watts, but may
also depend on the voltage.  The cooler it runs, the more
likely you could reduce voltage some, which in turn, helps
it run with even less heat.
78.5W is a bit of a theoretical max too, in actual use (like
a CPU stress test) you probably won't get over 90% out of
it... seems someone, somewhere measured this and also it was
reported by the author of CPUBurn.  

More detail about how you migh use this information might
help.  For example, software (or OS) flaws may make minimum
levels somewhat irrelevant, as something as simple as
failing to complete the boot to the OS will leave the CPU in
a non-HALT-idle state and use signifanctly more than
minimum.  Likewise there is a large variation in whether the
particular motherboard's bios sets the chipset
bus-disconnect (and other bit) to support the ACPI HALT
cooling of the CPU.  Googling for details specific to your
planned motherboard chipset should reveal if the board
supports it, or at least the registers necessary to flip
with a software utility like WPCRedit.

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