ASUS A8V-E Deluxe + Ati X850XT PE

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About a year ago i have bought me a new configuration:
ASUS A8VE-Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ socket 939
Sapphire X850XT PE (pci-e)
2 x 512MB RAM (Apacer)
Chieftec ATX-1136H PSU
Lite-on DVDRW LDW-851S
NEC floppy drive
Now I'm having nothing BUT problems with my computer!
Random freezes/BSOD/crashes...
 - playing CS:S, when it loads and says "Sending Client Info" ---->
sometimes freezes PC
(i'm able to play longer when i play it windowed...but most likely will
freeze after a while)
 - loading webpages like image-heavy websites like
---------> sometimes freezes PC
 - in general running 3D or 2D applications -------->
crash/boot/freeze........ =(
Mostly the freeze is accompanied with a single Beep, keyboard locks and
sometimes LCD-screen
goes in standby mode or saying no signal...When the computer freezes
and does NOT reboot and
I press a key the MB will beep again... My computer also often reboots
when frozen.
I have a bad chipset fan on my MB, the Q-fan rattles so i have
disconnected it.
I don't recall when these problems started but I DO recall that ever
since I put my PC together
I've had nothing but problems. Oh, I also replaced the default fan on
my gfx card with an
Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 5 (Rev. 2).

I'm clueless where to start looking, can somebody help me out here???


Stanny aka grmbl

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe + Ati X850XT PE

btw: the PSU says 360W MAX. LOAD....

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe + Ati X850XT PE wrote:
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360W     +5V @ 35A, +3.3V @ 28A, +12V @ 18A, -5V @ 0.5A, -12V @ 0.8A, +5Vsb @ 2A

First step, is to observe your system.

What are the measured voltages and temperatures ? Is anything running
hotter than it should ? Are all fans running ? Are all heatsinks making
good contact ? All heatsink clips and fasteners in good shape ?

Have you passed memtest86+ ( free download ) ?

Have you passed Prime95 torture test option ( free download ) ?
(Watch the processor temperature while that test is running...)
(What is the measured value of Vcore when Prime95 is running ?)

You can also run 3DMark as a separate test of the video. I like 3DMark2001SE
build 330 as a test. There is a demo option. If you click a tick box, the demo
will run in a loop forever. See if the demo is stable overnight.

Chances are, you have bad memory, or perhaps the memory isn't set up right.
A little extra Vdimm can help (like 2.7V), if the motherboard has an
option to set Vdimm.

Disable Cool N' Quiet, and see if things are more stable.

The X850XT here, is rated at 68.6W measured (perhaps 5.7A from +12V). The
processor could be 67W, and at 90% Vcore conversion efficiency, that is
6.2A from +12V. Two disk drives is 1 amps from +12V. The CD is 1.5 amps max
and probably less most of the time. Fans are 0.5A. The total is 14.9A
and can be handled by the power supply 18A limit. (for processor specs)


Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe + Ati X850XT PE

On 24 Nov 2006 03:05:53 -0800,

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When you get the BSODs, write down the stop code.  Research
that on Microsoft's website if the same code continually

Check Event Viewer

Check voltages, temps, and voltages.  Check that all fans
are spinning and intake, exhaust, and heatsinks aren't
clogged with dust.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If it only occurs on these two things, I'd suspect the game
and the webpage/browser, not a hardware problem.  Try using
the system in new and different ways trying to find all
events that cause a problem.

Also run memtest86+ for a few hours, then Prime95's Torture
Test for a couple hours.  

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Are you kidding?  What made you feel you have the option of
just unplugging fans?

You need to get that fan working and use it, or get a good
passive heatsink.  This could be your entire problem and you
should do this before anything else.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Make sure it's making good contact with the video card,
those are pretty hot running cards and some people feel they
easily get damaged.

Examine the motherboard for failed capacitors.  Your PSU is
reasonable for a 360W unit but ideally you'd have one with a
stronger 12V rail (as it's 18A? Spec'd current may be peak
instead of sustained), and IF all else fails, disconnect the
PSU from AC for a few minutes then open and inspect it- it
might have failed capacitors... and dust it out while it's
open if needed.

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe + Ati X850XT PE

thx A LOT!!! im gonna do everything u guys say here and write my
findings here monday or tuesday....

may I say that these r the most productive replies ive had in months!


grmbl ^^

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe + Ati X850XT PE

So i ran memtest and prime95,  my system dint reboot/crash or any of
the test showed failures...
I decided to dis-assemble my computer and cleaned it out with
compressed air... Man, the dust
that came off was amazing! ^^
I instantly noticed a difference when atiTool showed temperatures from
30 to 32 idle, instead of 42 to 45! I also checked for leaking or
swollen capacitors but didnt found any.
I ran the Driver Removal tool and removed all ati-related drivers,
rebooted and installed the
latest ones. Up to now i've been able to run HL2 1280*1024 full option
without a single crash.

So if im having a crash again ill come and say it here!

thx for the advice


Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe + Ati X850XT PE wrote:
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Glad you've improved the situation. I disagree with previous poster
about the pwr. supply being adequate, though. It's not simply a matter
of keeping wattage within limits. A lighter PS uses lighter components,
lighter vent fan. Also critical is that the bottom intake vent on the PS
be directly above your processor. Case intake fans on a computer are not
very useful BUT a fat 5-inch exhaust fan on the back will really make
life easier for that Athlon.

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe (re: fan size)

OSbandito wrote:
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I meant 100mm>>4-inch. Must have been thinking about my pen#$.

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe (re: fan size)

Could you guys check this out?????

It seems as if im having a nasty IRQ problem...

My real setup is a IDE HDD(backup) and a SATA HDD(work).....

Can somebody tell me what the problem is and what to do about it?


Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe (re: fan size)

On 8 Jan 2007 06:55:35 -0800,

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This is a thread about Asus A8V-E Dlx, is that the board you
have and are writing about?

It is a hardware newsgroup, important to mention the

Do you have more than one PATA controller in the system?
The problem looks to be that you have a ghost entry for a
second controller that shouldn't exist.  Did you install
multiple drivers that you shouldn't have, or did you try to
manually add this device?  

Do you have drives that don't work as a result?
I would delete both entries on IRQ14, then reboot windows,
see what is detected and plug-n-played.  Then recheck Device
Manager.  If you had manually installed drivers you might
also need remove them with Add/Remove programs (but only the
one you don't need/want).

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe (re: fan size)

Quoted text here. Click to load it
As an aside kony, I didn`t understand all the ISA
references. Any thoughts ?.

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe (re: fan size)


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It is windows attempt to categorize.  If you prefer to
substitute an "?" for "ISA", do so, or think of them as
legacy supported devices.

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe (re: fan size)

kony schreef:

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kony, I started this thread because im having problems with my system
(hardware)...look at the threads title. (ASUS A8V-E...) But im digging
it down and found an IRQ problem so I thought to post that here. I also
said that if my computer began to crash again I would post it here.

I think I'm consistently installing the wrong drivers when i format and
install XP again. Or maybe my hardware isn't set up right...or some
BIOS settings set up wrong. My temperatures/voltages are within limits,
no memory errors...
What drivers are recommended to install on my system, the ones provided
on AsUs website or the manufacturers? Do i have to install the VIA
chipset drivers before the GFX-drivers?
Please read the thread in its whole to give me some details on how to
properly install the drivers or set up my hardware...

thx grmbl

Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe (re: fan size)

On 8 Jan 2007 11:31:54 -0800,

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First, why are you formatting and installing WinXP again?

I'll let you in on a litte secret.  Contrary to what
DaveW/Microsoft shills recite, WinXP can be plug-n-play
migrated, twisted, and otherwise molested into doing lots of
things.  The ideal is to get a base installation of WinXP
SP1 (maybe you like SP2 more, but I found plenty of secure
usage practices and browser/email before SP2 so I have no
need for it beyond the patches that can be had separately).

Once you have that base installation, install your must-have
applications, your everyday stuff.  Make sure everything
works right.  Make a backup of that, use DriveImage or Ghost
or Acronis... whatever works for you...  you can also Google
for some hard drive controller driver entries to add to this
base install, to help facilitate plug-n-play onto other
platforms (motherboards) if you like.

Anyway, once you have this base install you never need to
install WinXP (or drivers if the same motherboard) again.
Restoring a backup takes a few minutes, and the sweet part
is you can even laugh at viri, spyware, etc, infecting you
because the whole drive can be wiped and restored quicker
than it takes an Antivirus and antispyware app to scan and
fix anything.

It's your call though, if you need to get a clean install
going, so be it.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Did you change any bios settings?  If so, for what cause?
It never hurts to check on bios updates, Asus is pretty good
about providing them and noting at least the highlights of
what they'd done with new bios revisions.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The chipset manufacturer's latest drivers are always, always
preferred.  Only use the motherboard manufacturer's drivers
if they have deviated from the expected hardware combination
in some substantial way.  For example, some odd sound codec
might not work with an nForce driver pack, but you dont'
have an nForce chipset so invalid example.

Worst is the old drivers on the motherboard CD.  Sometimes I
think to myself, why can't they just provide a working
network adapter driver, then the rest of the CD has links to
the chipset manufacturer's webpage to get the new driver
(and of course, an agreement with that chipset manufacturer
to retain their website pages to keep the links valid or at
least a working redirect to the correct page for an
automated download.

Sometimes I ever wonder, why couldn't they just embed 1MB of
flash to store these links, so you don't even have to put a
CD in to access them.  There was talk in past years of this
concept in the industry, but apparently the $1 or so to
implement it would be too expensive.

Anyway, the right driver for an A8V-E Dlx should be the Via
chipset driver linked at http:/ , then after
installing and rebooting, any other motherboard features you
have that remain in need of drivers, should be investigated.
Look at the chips on the board if you can realize what they
are, their functions, or the board spec sheet, or go to the
board manufacturer (Asus) and note what chips it has.  Also
note what drivers Asus offers... sometimes they are recent
versions, or it may not matter... after much hardware has
been out for awhile, a few driver revisions at least, the
major bugs are fixed and only more obscure problems remain.

You might have a "more obscure" problem though, it had to be
somebody that had the problem or they'd never have

Quoted text here. Click to load it

There is a *preferred* installion order, but usually it's
not critical.  I'd worry most if you have GFX drivers that
are more often problematic, like those from SIS or ATI.  I
have to admit loving nVidia for their drivers, that alone
makes an equivalent performance nVidia card worth 30% more
to me.  

Ideally, install the chipset drivers first, and an
up-to-date DirectX.   Then install the video driver.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Sorry but the earlier part of the thread has been lost.  If
you link it (to a Google archive) I may read it, hopefully I
will have a chance as things are getting busy around here.

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