Asrock P4S61 mem upgrade

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I build a PC around the Asrock P4S61 motherboard last summer. It is equipped
with an Intel P4 2,8 GHz with 800Mhz bus freq.
When I build the PC I bought and installed 1 RAM module, a Kingston PC3200
Today I bought one RAM module again to upgrade the memory to 1 Gbyte. Again
I bought a Kingston PC3200 512MByte.

Sadly I realised that the motherboard didn't recognize the new extra 512MB
module and so I ended up investigating the P4S61 manual in search for some
solution to the problem. I was really astound realizing that it seems that
the P4S61 does not accept more than one PS3200 module although it has 3 RAM
slots in total!

As it states in the manual:
PC2100 for 3 DDR DIMM slots, Max. 3GB
PC2700 for 2 DDR DIMM slots, Max. 2GB
PC3200 for 1 DDR DIMM slot, Max. 1GB

Is that so? Or is there some work-around this problem?

I would very much appreciate that as I now own  an extra memory module that
I do not know  how to use - except perhaps as an expensive bookmark. ;o)

With kind regards,

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