Are two sticks of DDR better than one?

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My motherboard has single-channel memory.  I want 1 GB memory.  I can
buy a single DDR module or a pair.  A pair costs $8 less and I figure
that a pair will dissipate heat better.  Any other pros/cons?

Re: Are two sticks of DDR better than one?

On Mon, 23 May 2005 11:18:17 GMT, Phisherman

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If you're not going to be overclocking AND overvolting the
memory, heat dissipation should not be a problem unless this
is some extreme environment, inhospitable to humans.

The cons are that you're then stuck with two smaller
modules, making any further upgrade more difficult... some
boards are very picky about 3 or more modules and some even
require dropping the bus speed to regain stability, if
relaxing the timings doesn't help enough.

I'd go with the single 1GB module, but where are you seeing
a price difference of only $8?  In the past 1GB modules are
quite a bit more expensive than a pair of 512MB... are you
comparing similar grades of memory or higher-end 512MB
modules vs low-end 1GB module?

Either way, best advice is to buy from someplace with a good
return policy.  It can be a real PITA dealing with some of
the bottom-feeders on pricewatch/etc.

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