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Ok, I have a situation. I gobbed a bunch of Arctic Silver compound on my
CPU, covered the entire CPU with a relatively thick coat then placed the

I am just wondering if anything could go wrong with fumes from
leaking/overheating compound etc. I learned after placing that amount that I
only needed a small amount, but I am lazy to go back in and clean it *lol*

Would it be ok to just leave it alone or could anything go wrong?

The CPU is Intel P4 3.0 hyperthread 800Mhz 478pin 1gig Cache
The Motherboard is Intel D865PERL

TIA *_*

Re: Arctic Silver

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I should add that its not the "entire" CPU, I meant the entire top of the
CPU. Just so we don't have a misinterpretation of what I meant *grins*

Re: Arctic Silver

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As long as it hasn't dripped out onto the back of the graphics card and your
temperatures are ok then i would leave it, just don't try overclocking. A
thick coat of it should be about as efficient as the pad that comes on the
bottom of the retail Intel heatsink.


Re: Arctic Silver

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 08:05:15 GMT, "Floth"

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It'll just run hotter than it should.  With any CPU/GPU/etc
wearing a metal heatspreader, the force of the heatsink
retention mechanism isn't enough to squish out as much
excess compound.  You really ought to go ahead and take it
apart since it may never need thermal grease replacement
again if done well...  clean off all and reapply only the
necessary amount which is about a grain-of-rice sized blob
in the center of the CPU... it'll spread out with heat and
time, over the next few days and thermal cycles (on/off) of
the system.  remember that just because it runs cool enough
now, that doesn't mean it will run as cool with changes in
the room temp, or accumulation of dust on the fan, sink, or
chassis air ventilation system.  These should be cleaned out
periodically but even more often if the 'sink isn't keeping
the CPU as cool as it could.

Re: Arctic Silver

Quoted text here. Click to load it'll kill the CPU. Too much is actually worse than non at all.


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Re: Arctic Silver

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You only need a very small amount of Arctic Silver on the processor.  As has
already been stated, too much is bad.  I would get some isopropyl alcohol or
similar and thoroughly clean everything up, then follow the instructions

I have just rebuilt a PC with the same Motherboard and CPU and followed the
procedure shown. (I still have plenty left :-) ) My temps are 47deg C at
idle and so far has maxed at 55deg C when working. System Zone 1= 35 and
2=38.  These temps should get better as AS 'matures'


Re: Arctic Silver (results of suggestions)

MKay, this is what I did...

First I would like to thank everyone for your feedback.

Opened the case and removed the fan to find a mess. As I removed the CPU, a
very small amount got on the pins *panic* I know that Arctic Silver can
conduct somewhat. *PANIC* Anyway, I cleanup the fan, Nexus PHT-3600 P4 Quiet
CPU Fan, using the Arcticlean kit. Then I thought for awhile about how to
clean the CPU pins and figured WTF use the Arcticlean stuffies on the CPU.
So I liberally cleaned the CPU with the cleaner. I then washed it with cold
water then alcohol then more water. Now the problem of waiting for it to dry
vs. impatience *grins* *panics* So I thought for awhile and got the
brilliant idea to use a hairdryer, I mean its not like the CPU can't take
the heat *lol* so I blew it for a very VERY long time until it was dried up.

*panic starts to ease up*

So I place about half a pea size of grease but the grease was not perfectly
round, it looked sort of like when you get something sticky on your finger
and you touch it with your other finger and the substance lifts up away
alittle. So I got a toothpick (wood) and reshaped it into the resemblance of
a circle in the middle of the CPU. It wasn't completely smooth on top, but
it was the best I could do. Knowing it wasn't that smooth (so it could
spread out evenly when squished) I wiggled and slightly turned the fan as I
placed it on the CPU to make sure it would spread out without bubbles.

And Tada, finished.


*will it work*

It DID!!!!!

*relief and big smile*

Thanks again for your help *_*

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