Any last words before I push the button?

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Okay it's time, I have all my hardware connections made and I'm ready to
power up for the first time!  I think I'll get drunk and push the button
around 9:00PM Pacific Time, anyone care to point anything out that I should
worry about, besides the chance that I might let the smoke out?

As near as I can tell from the manual, the default BIOS settings should be
okay, so I aint going to mess with them unless I need to.

My system:  Asus A8N-SLI Premium, AMD 64 3800+ Dual Core, XFX 7600GT (two),
WD Raptor HD, and 2 gigs of RAM

Any last words before I take a pop of Tequila?   What a way to spend a
Friday night at the coast!  :-)

Thanks to all of you who have helped me.


Re: Any last words before I push the button?

Well I like to lay them on their side with the side panel off. That way you
can see the miny mushroom cloud for worst case problems. LOL You should be
fine, hit the button.

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Re: Any last words before I push the button?

That mix of excitement with sinking dread never really goes away...
You just get use to the almost-gonna-throw-up feeling... It's
addictive really!!

Good advice that has lasted:
Black to Black… (not applicable anymore)
Don’t use force… most connectors are made to fit one way.
When in doubt... pray and check the manual… twice. :)

Re: Any last words before I push the button?

Too much Tequila!  :-)  Ah but it worked, I can't believe how well it
worked, the only problem I had was a reversed polarity on the hard disk
activity LED.  I didn't even go into the BIOS, all the default settings
worked fine!  I might want to tweak the settings later, and maybe Flash the
BIOS for the latest version, but for now, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy
moving all my stuff from my old Dell!

Re: Any last words before I push the button?

put finger to keyboard and composed:

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In the future, if you're apprehensive, I'd suggest you first power up
your PSU on its own. Use an old hard drive or something similar as
your load. To start the PSU, short its PS_ON pin to ground. Measure
the DC voltages with a multimeter. Once you've gained confidence in
the PSU, then power up the motherboard and CPU and one stick of RAM.
You should hear the BIOS POSTing up until the point where it tests
your video card. Next add your video card, HDD, etc.

- Franc Zabkar
Please remove one 'i' from my address when replying by email.

Re: Any last words before I push the button?

Famous last words


"Whatever you do Stimpy... Don't push the Red button!!"

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