Another re-booting problem!!

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Went to my brother's for the usual "fix it & remove all the crap that's on"
after he told me it was keep re-booting.

No matter which option I was trying (Normal, Safe-mode, Command Prompt etc.)
it would still re-boot a couple of seconds later.  I removed all, but the
power and the keyboard/mouse connectors and managed to get to the desktop
OK. "Fine" I thought, "it must be one of the USB connections causing it",
but within a few more seconds the machine re-booted again and continued the
previous cycle of re-booting after a few seconds.

It's even re-booting when in the BIOS - I did manage to get 'Hardware
Monitor' and see that the CPU was 58'C and the system was about 38'C before
it went again!  Now I think that the CPU is a little warm, but surely not
enough to reset the machine?

Or do you think the problem could be with a failing PSU??


Re: Another re-booting problem!!

With a problem like that the odds are that either the power supply unit or
the motherboard has an intermitent fault.  The easiest thing to try to
diagnose which is to replace the PSU with a known working one of adequate
power output and see if that fixes it.

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