Amd XP 3000 venice. Mobo and Ram Recomendations needed.

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Amd XP 3000 venice. Mobo and Ram Recomendations needed.

Iam putting together a media PC and would like to use the Venice XP
3000 cpu. From what i read it canbe overclocked ALOT. 2.5ghz or more.
But 2.5 would be find for my system. need a fast CPu for my HD movies
and videos.

But what mobo to use for it. It needs top be a decent mobo with USB
2.0 firewire, SATA onboard audio ect. I want an Abit board as i like

I was thinking this board: ABIT AN8 (nForce4 PCI-E DDR400 S939) seems
to have everything i want. But can it be overclocked so my Venice gets
to 2.5 ghz ??

RAM but what kind pc 3200,3500,3700 or other even.

Thanks for any help. If you have put a system together with a Venice
let us know.


Re: Amd XP 3000 venice. Mobo and Ram Recomendations needed.

Son Of Sheep. wrote:
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How much you can overclock really depends on the luck of the draw --
some CPUs will overclock easily but some are duds and nothing will
squeeze much extra speed out of them. And you can't tell for sure until
you try. I've been planning on building my first AMD system and after
reading a ton of reviews and tests I have decided on an Epox  9NPA+
Ultra for reasons of budget (I'm an old retired guy and don't have a lot
of money to put into it and I'd rather get a faster CPU with the extra
bucks). One of the better recent test articles I've found is at
Anandtech. Here is a link to their final conclusion page:

I've already got a new Antec Sonata II case, DVD R/W, CD-R, 800gB worth
of hard drives, and a gig of DDR3200 memory hanging around so I'm really
just talking about buying the MB and processor (Venice also)and some
sort of video card. I'm not a gamer so even one of the cheaper PCIe
cards should work for the latter. Even at that I probably won't have
anything running until the end of September
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

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