AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE

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I have PC where an AGP video card stopped sending a signal to a
flat screen monitor in the middle of playing the Sims 2. The video
card and flat screen monitor where linked via a standard VGA
cable. The user says that the screen froze, or went black in the
middle of a game. This happened only an hour after installing the
game. The machine now has no display, during POST, or booted into
full graphics mode. Before I troubleshooted anything, I knew it
was properly booting into Windows because I could hear it through
the speakers.

This is an Asus P4P800SE motherboard, with an e-GeForce 7600GS,
256MB DDR2 AGP video card.

To troubleshoot, I connected the PC to a known working CRT
monitor, and also changed out the AGP video card. No signal in
either attempt. I did however get a PCI S3 video card to work, and
then checked out a few things in Windows. The machine did not
'crash' or blue screen per say, so it did not leave a minidump
file. There is nothing wrong in device manager. Nothing of
relevance in the system logs. It is interesting to note that if an
AGP card, and the old PCI S3 video card are installed in the
system together, there will still be no signal from the PCI S3. It
must be by itself.

My current thinking is that the AGP slot has failed. I didn't see
any obvious blown capacitors around the AGP slot. I may try a
third AGP card in the slot before I go to something else. If this
is the case, I will have to change out the mainboard, maybe even
consider building another system from scratch. The user is tight
on funds now, so I may have to find a good working replacement

Thanks in advance

Re: AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE

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    Try another PSU, or check all voltages present from PSU

Re: AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE

Michael Hawes wrote:
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Thanks for the reply

I checked voltages from the PSU with a multimeter, and I get
slightly more than the specified voltages, 3.3, 5, and 12. I have
a few ATX PSUs lying around. I think I'll have to give that a try.

Extra info (maybe irrelevant). If I go in the BIOS and set it to
look for a PCI video card first, and I have both a PCI and AGP
card installed in the system, I will get a signal from the PCI
card and none from the AGP card. Setting the BIOS to look for an
AGP card first and I get no signal from either an AGP or a PCI card.

Re: AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE

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I just tried a, "Demond Black Chrome 580W" PSU and got the same
behavior. Boots into Windows but no signal from an AGP card.

Re: AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE

On or about Thu, 29 May 2008 21:19:12 -0400 did E

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It certainly sounds like a failure of the AGP bus, based on what you say.  I'd
take a good look at the thermal situation before putting it back together with
a new MB.
 - Mike

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Re: AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE

Mike Ruskai wrote:

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Currently full size ATX case with 120mm fan blowing out the back.
Maybe add an intake fan.

Re: AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE

put finger to keyboard and composed:

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If the AGP card is not failing the POST, and if the PC is making all
the right boot-up noises, and if there is evidence that it booted up
fully (eg updated date/time stamp on a particular file at the end of
the boot sequence), then it would seem that there is something wrong
with the analogue section of your AGP cards. If all cards exhibit this
problem, then this would suggest that the relevant voltage (+5V, +12V
?) is not making it to your AGP slot.

With power removed, I'd use the following pinout diagram and a
multimeter to perform a continuity check between each power pin in the
AGP slot and the respective power pin in the ATX connector:

The 1.5V supply would be derived from an onboard regulator.

With power applied, you could also measure the horizontal and vertical
sync pins in the 15-pin D-SUB VGA connector (one may be 0V and the
other may be 5V), and check pin 9 for +5V:

Also check the RGB pins. For example, if your desktop is mainly blue,
then this will be reflected in your measurements.

If the card and monitor have a DVI output/input, then try that:

- Franc Zabkar
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Re: AGP slot failure? Asus P4P800SE


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My experience is that SIMS drives the system very hard. I've seen the
system box get very hot with SIMS and a ATI Radeon and I run the box
with push / pull fans.

I'd wager the mobo burned something. How's the ventilation in the

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