Advice on upgrade to A 64 FX 60, please

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Right now I have a A7N8-X mobo and XP3000 CPU, 1 gb corsair XMS DDR
333. It will not run faster than 1.7GHZ.
I am planning to buy a barebone kit ASUS A8S-X w/ Athlon 64 FX-60 & 1
GB DDR least considering it.  For Flight Sim X, I think I
need 3GB, as I heard it needs abt 2.2 GB (Under WIn XP)  total to
avoid using virtual memory. So to the barebone Kit I have to add
another 2 gb of RAM, and a PCI-E video card. I don't think a low end
one is adequate for running FSX.
My questions about this are first, is my existing  Corsair XMS DDR
memory compatible with this upgrade?  (I also have 2x corsair XMS PC
2700 RAM sticks), each 1 Gb.
   Also, can you recommend a video card that would work
well with this hardware, and be fast enough for FSX at a decent
frame-rate? Something mid-range, as I  don't want to spend over abt
$200 for the video card.  

on the mobo, the -x designation indicates its "crippled", the DDR
feature is not included...single-channel only. Does this mean the
A8S-X is also an economy "crippled" version?

  Thanks, Geronimo

Re: Advice on upgrade to A 64 FX 60, please

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 04:40:30 -0600, geronimo

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What leads you to this conclusion?  That's lower than the
default speed, and your board does support the default FSB,
even a lower asynchronous memory bus speed if you needed to
do that to keep it stable with the PC2700, _not_"DDR_###",

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That would be rather interesting, since XP can't devote over
2GB to a process.  Are you SURE you have correct info?
If so, you may have to go with WinXP-64.

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Correct, you don't really need to replace your motherboard
and CPU at all, just to get them working right, add some
memory, and have a decent video card... so for this
replacement combo, the same applies.

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Not really, it wasn't appropriate for what you already had
and will be even more of a bottleneck.

I suggest you start out by buying Flight Sim X and then go
from there, you might find it runs on your present hardware
if as mentioned, your video card is decent.

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Pricing will depend on where you buy it, but you may be able
to get an ATI X1950 or nVidia 7900 for about that.  To build
a system for gaming, I would not go any slower than these,
it will make more of a difference than 3GB of memory versus

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DDR is not a "feature" it's a type of bus, a double data
rate.  Methink you mean "dual channel".   No, the A8S-X is
not crippled like that because the memory controller for A64
is on the CPU itself.  However, any board might get picky
when you start adding a lot of memory to it.

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