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Apologies for crosspost - would like as much advice as possible


I've been out of touch with the computing world for quite a while, so am
feeling a bit lost when looking at the options available to me for upgrading
my 4 year old Athlon 1.4GHz machine...

I'm looking to get a whole new computer, purchasing the bits through a mate
who works for a component distributer - parts almost at cost price :-)

So, am thinking:

Athlon 64 processor
A good motherboard with onboard LAN and sound. SATA capable. USB2 + Firewire
onboard. Should I look at a PCI-express board?
1x 80Gb HD for OS
2x160Gb HD for all the other crap I have...
DVD +-RW drive - do I want dual layer capability?
Fast CD-RW drive
Obviously a case to fit all the above, with a suitable PSU.

Any recommendations would be welcomed. Please note I'm in the UK, so pricing
and places to look at for over here would be welcomed.

Thanks very much

Re: Advice on purchasing for a homebuild

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PCI-e is something to consider IF you want to populate it with the latest in
gee-whiz cards, when they become available.  So far their availability may
be limited and at higher prices than their PCI analogs.  Unless you need the
added [potential] performance, you might hold off on that.

I think the dual-layer DVD drives are coming into price and performance
reason, even if the media are expensive.  Just use the cheaper single-layer
media unless you need the higher capacity.

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