adding DDR RAM (second problem)

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No able to resolve the PAGE_FAULT_ON_NONPAGED_AREA problem of my GA-8IGX
(see my other post on 7 March), I concluded that it may be incompatible with
the Samsung DDR. So I bought another Kingston DDR to work with the first
one. Then there is no more page fault problem, but still drop dead to
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL while booting win xp. Any body have similar

Re: adding DDR RAM (second problem)

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A bit more info on your system might help a bit. Are you overclocking? Have
you set your bios to default settings? Have you tried moving the memory
around to different slots? Have you removed the other stick and tried the
other two individually? There are a lot of things that can and do cause
those types of errors.


Re: adding DDR RAM (second problem)

I second the vote for more details. Please specify your hardware config,
bios, and history with this issue.

The IRQL error invariably indicates a driver problem. IE bad device driver.
If you are getting random errors and the IRQL error is just one of them then
I would suspect ram.

When the irql error pops up on the blue screen, are any device drivers
listed on screen? They are files ending in .sys.
A device driver can be the victim of a fault (in another device driver) or
the cause (IE bad device driver). So starting with the top mentioed device
driver on screen, check you have the correct device driver for the mobo and
OS version. Let us know what drivers are listed in what order at the top of
the screen. (there can be an alpabetic listing of all drivers - we are not
interested in that).

If it is a graphics driver, you should be able to fix it in safe mode.
If it is a RAID / SATA device driver, then you may need to do a repair and
install the correct driver via F6. Alternatively if this is a new
installation check the drivers (and bios while your at it) you are using
during install - particularly those you supply by F6.

Going back one step. If memory is an issue, don't expect any OS to work
correctly :) Get memtest86 and run it overnight - if any errors appear then
these have to be resolved before a succssful OS installation can occur.

Check you manual re: FSB settings, ram slots, # ram sticks, and what
combinations are allowed. Sometimes if more is added you have to reduce the

- Tim

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