Adding a 6 pin aux connector to a new PSU

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Hi All

I hope someone with experience would confirm if I'm on the right track here.

I have 2 puters with the same MoBds; GB-8IHXP. I've upgraded both with new
Antec PSU's. One of the Antec's came with a inline 6 pin AUX connector, the
other didn't. I've done cable management (like shortening & lengthen the
wires for cable management) & am comfortable with what's involved, & am
trying to figure out how to splice the AUX line & connector from my old PSU
onto the new one which is lacking it.

The 6 pin readout shows that it has 3 COM (blk), 2 +3.3V (org) & a +5V (red)

A 20-pin cable extension with the 6 pin connector is sold, see here;( ), but I'd rather do it myself.

What has me confused is that if you look at the pic of the adapter being
sold, it seems to have a couple of the COM lines looped & most importantly,
seems to consist of 3 +3.3V lines, instead of 2 +3.3V & a +5V.

I'd appreciate your thoughts....many thanks!


Re: Adding a 6 pin aux connector to a new PSU


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That's not "cable management", that's introducing potential
for failure by altering wiring in ways that at best, will
only be as good as it started, and at worst, not so good.
Cable management means keeping the wires out of the way of
fans, doing be fooled into thinking there is anything else
important except perhaps from an esthetic point of view if
this is a showcase system with a clear side panel.

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You should seek a different adapter, not that one, and not
doing it yourself.  There is really no point to DIY on stuff
like this, and that adapter is not correct for your

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There's more than one way to do a proprietary adapter.  Now
you've encountered another one.  Be weary of small/unknown
yahoo, ebay, etc, vendors with cable adapters for unknown
purposes.  Just because it has 6 pins doesn't mean it's the
same thing nor meant to be.

Re: Adding a 6 pin aux connector to a new PSU

keyboard and composed:

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I've often had to lengthen cables or splice extra cables into an
existing harness. I find that the best option is to avoid adapter
cables because this introduces extra connections. Instead I'd cut the
cable somewhere near the PSU (to minimise voltage drops), strip back
the ends, slide on a short length of heatshrink tubing, twist the
three wires together, and then flow some solder into the join. Slide
the heatshrink over the join and heat it up with a hair dryer. If you
do the same to an adjacent wire, I suggest you stagger the cuts so
that the joins cannot possibly come into contact with each other. You
may want to place a larger piece of heatshrink over the whole job, or
maybe some self amalgamating butyl rubber tape.

-- Franc Zabkar

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Followup on... Adding a 6 pin aux connector to a new PSU

After sleeping on this problem I came up with this idea....I can splice the
6 pin AUX  connector from my old PSU using the unneeded lines of the new
PSU. It came with 2 additional sets I don't require...the PCI-express
connection & the 4 pin +12V (I have a 20 pin main power connector).


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