Add DVD Burner?

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I recently cleaned up my aging PIII 800-MHz system by reformatting the HD,
upgrading to WinXP Home and reinstalling only the software now in use. The
PC has (I believe) a Soyo MB, Award BIOS v4.51PGN, 384-Mb RAM, 20-GB and
6-Gb HDD's, a LG  DVD drive, and a slow HP 8200 CD burner.

Here are my questions:

I'd like to toss the old HP drive and replace it with a DVD burner -- does
the 800-MHz CPU provide enough horsepower?

Any estimate as to how long it would take to burn a full DVD?

Thanks in advance!



Re: Add DVD Burner?

On Sun, 6 Feb 2005 09:02:14 -0600, "bwesley8"

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Yes burning DVD is not so much a matter of CPU power with
any semi-modern system, rather HDD speed.

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Depends on the speed and capacity burner you buy?

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