Abit IC7-MAX3 mb Silicon Imgae RAID controller problem.

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Help appreciated,
my comp.
MB Abit IC7-Max3
Ram Corsair twinx 512
Processor P4 3.0 E 800mhz FSB
HDD WD 40GB (IDE), HDD WD 120GB x 2 (Sata)
OS Window 2000 pro (primary), and winXp pro
PSU 450watt

 I'm trying to setup a RAID system (my
first) on the SIL3114 RAID controller (onboard myMB) ... I have the 120's
setup on SATA 1
and 2 (could this be a problem) ...

I've managed to get the Intel RAID controller to work after changing some
setting in the BIOS but I'm trying to use the SIL3114 RAID controller as
I've read on a number of threads that it is faster.

The problem is when I try to start the program to create the raid sets by
pushing F4 or CTRL S during boot up, I get the message that says No Devices
Found. Utillity Disabled, Press any key to continue ...

I don't understand why this is as the uitility can start with the Intel
controller and it can detect the hard disk drives just fine.

Should I update my BIOS or drivers or is there another utility to use with
the SIL3114 RAID controller.

Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome.


Re: Abit IC7-MAX3 mb Silicon Imgae RAID controller problem.

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005 10:38:02 +0800, "Jerry Chong"

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SATA 1 and 2 are the Intel SATA ports.  For the SIL3114, use the four
along the edge of the motherboard.


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