Abit AW9D memory keeps resetting to slower speed on power off

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System is a Abit AW9D board, Core 2 6400 cpu, 1 gig OCZ 6400 gold kit, Hiper
Type R 580, Radeon X1900XTX graphics.
The system is water cooled .  When I power on the system the settings for
the memory, fan control, voltages reset to failsafe mode.
If I reboott the computer and enter the BIOS and set the memory  to the
correct settings and I disable the CPU fan beep the computer runs fine.
I can reboot the computer as many times as I want and everything is fine as
long as I don't switch off the power supply.  As soon as I do this then
switch it back on and reboot,  the memory goes back to fail safe settings
( 667 1.8 volts instead of 800 2.1 volts) and the fan control
beeper starts beeping again.  As I use water cooling,  the  cpu fan is not
needed.  When working, all voltages, temps are fine and computer is rock
stable with the
memory running at correct speed/ratio to the cpu.  I have installed a new
cmos battery just in case.  When the memory and fan settings change to the
fail safe mode no other setting is reset in the BIOS.  Any help appreciated


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