Abit AV8 mobo will not post

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I have built a brand new system with an Abit AV8 pro motherboard and an
Athlon 64 3000+ Venice skt 939 and it will not post.
I have tried everything including different ram and vga cards etc. also
clearing the cmos.
There are no other items connected and it still does the same. I get
the guru code 9.0 on the motherboard display which is where the bios
should take over and then it starts a two tone beeping sound like a
siren! I have no way of testing the cpu on another board. :(
Could it be the Bios? HELP!!
Abit AV8 Pro mobo
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice cpu (Retail)
400 Watt Power supply

Re: Abit AV8 mobo will not post

Usually that siren sound is indicative of overheating...

Most learned on these newsgroups
Helsinki, FINLAND
(translations from/to FI not always accurate

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Re: Abit AV8 mobo will not post

I just did a search on Beep Codes
Could be a Motherboard or even a Power supply problem, do you have another

On an MSI web site I found that a high low tone from the speaker indicates a
CPU overheat, not sure if this is related. Does the CPU Fan rotate when
powered on?

Did you fit the CPU? Did the CPU come with Thermal Compound applied (Visit
the AMD Website www.amd.com ) and download the video on installing AMD

Is there any chance you fried the CPU or Mobo when you fitted it? Did you
take appropriate anti static precautions?

I'd take of the heatsink, take out the CPU and check the both, re fit both
the CPU and Heatsink and reconnect the Heatsink Fan, you will need to
re-apply the Thermal Paste.

In order to POST the Video Card, Memory and Keyboard need to be attached so
fit them and switch on.

What BIOS does ABit use I cant remember is it Phoenix? Check out the link
for BIOS Error Codes

Hope you get it sorted.
All the best

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