Abit AL8 underclocking boot problem

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Yesterday i decided to underclock my cpu (just experimenting, wish i
hadn't now)  i went into the bios setup and lowered the fsb speed from
200 down to 150 making the bios run the cpu at 2400mhz, instead of the
normal default 3200mhz Went to boot up then the just before the
windows splash screen came up it reset itself.

This time when it reached where the windows xp splash screen would
display instead of the system resetting it came of with a message like
windows was interrupted lastime and gave me these options:-

1 start windows in safe mode
2 start windows at command prompt (something like that)
3 start windows normally
4 start windows at the last working state (again something to this

The only option that works is when i choose to go into safe mode,
windows then goes into it fine. If i chose any of the other options a
blue screen with white text comes up but it disappears so quickly that
it is impossible to read it, (i did manage to catch the word bios in
the message) at this point the system resets and will go back to
giving the options as listed above.

System specs

Abit AL8 motherboard
Pentium 4 640 3.2gig
PNY Geforce 6600GT 128mb PCI-e
2x 512mb ddr2 533mhz  PC4200 (running in dual mode)
Windows xp home (service pack 2 built in)
80 gig Seagate Barracuda sata hdd
Antec true power 430w psu.

I opened the case and cleared the cmos jumper according to the
motherboard manual but the same problem exsists computer won't boot
into windows normally only safe mode. Does anyone know what could be
the problem i know it is my fault but i was experimenting.

This is my second self build and i'am very pleased with the machine. I
hope i haven't damaged anything i don't think i have and didn't think
you could do any damage by underclocking the cpu. Sorry for the long
post but would appreciate any ideas, suggestions and solutions.

Thanks in advance


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